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Charity of The Month January 2018

International Cricket Academy

We are supporting the International Cricket Academy (ICA). This is a venture to challenge children's inactivity internationally via cricket. We are supporting them throughout January as our dentist Paarth, who is a keen cricketer, will be joining ICA on their next venture to India in February 2018.

ICA is on a mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities in Rajkot, India. The volunteers will be providing coaching and donating cricket bats to students. Donations will give young people the chance to play cricket, learn teamwork, discipline and respect from playing a team sport and a small contribution can make a huge difference to help promote health and happiness.

To find out more about ICA visit

To make a donation:

Brightside Foundation

Our involvement in charitable and community events started when the entire team sat down and thought about what we actually do and want to do. We decided that the small things we do for our clients can make a big difference in some people's lives. So why stop here? Continuing along these lines we looked deeper into what makes our dental clinic different from others. We all do our best to improve our services, to regularly train and educate ourselves, to achieve the best results for the benefit of our customers.

But what is the extra factor that makes us Brightside Dental? Friendliness, understanding, involvement were some of the words that came to our minds during a brainstorm meeting about our mission statement. They all relate to being surrounded by others, to being in a society. So why not giving back to the community that has made us who we are now? That's how the idea of donations every month towards different causes came to us, because a small change can make a big difference.

If you have a cause you support or are particularly passionate about, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

Charity of The Quarter October to December 2017

Dental Mavericks are a charity set up to help end daily dental pain for the children of Morocco. Our Principal Ketan Shah has joined the Mavericks team for 2 years with their projects and travelled to Morocco to help the children.

Just imagine, living with your family in an isolated fishing village with no dentists, a high sugar diet, no toothbrushes and no fluoride tooth paste. You don't need to be a dentist to imagine the consequences, but the dental neglect shocks even the most experienced of this group of national dentists and their team. Abscesses, pain and distress, parents of these children in Morocco are no different to any other around the world, they want their children helping.

Ketan along with a group of dentists and team members travelled to the Rif mountains to remote villages. The team treated hundreds of children over the course of the week and mostly carried out extracting rotten teeth, along with fillings and providing education so that the children can look after their own teeth on a daily basis. For Ketan this was a chance to use the skills he has to give something back to people who have considerably less.

Dental Mavericks are also in the process of setting up permanent clinics and oral hygiene programmes working in conjunction with Moroccan dentists. Over the past year, they have also travelled to Greece and Lebanon to carry out dental treatment.

If you would like to know more or to support the Mavericks team visit:

Brightside Charity Of The Quarter July - September 2017

Each quarter at Brightside Dental we decide on a charitable cause that could benefit from the donations we make as a promise to our clients who have patiently waited to be seen for more than 10 minutes past their booked appointment time. Each time we are running late we make a donation to our chosen charity on their behalf.

This quarter we are supporting those affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower. In the early hours of Wednesday 14th June 2017, the residents of Grenfell Tower were awoken to a massive fire which engulfed their home. 200 firefighters, along with 40 fire engines, battled the fire for hours as it rapidly began to claim lives and leave people stranded in their homes. At least 79 people are feared dead and many people have been left severely injured and homeless, with a number of residents having to come to terms with the death of family and friends.

The money raised will go to the residents of Grenfell Tower and will hopefully, even in some small way, help them rebuild their lives.

We hope our contribution with help make a difference to others. If you have a charity you feel strongly about, please let us know and we will see what we can do about supporting them in the coming months.

Brightside Charity Of The Quarter April - June 2017

Each quarter at Brightside Dental we decide on a charitable cause that could benefit from the donations we make as a promise to our clients who have patiently waited to be seen for more than 10 minutes past their booked appointment time. Each time we are running late we make a donation to our chosen charity on their behalf.

This quarter we are supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital. We at the surgery personally know children who have or are being treated at GOSH. It's one of the world's leading children's hospital based in central London. Since its formation in 1852, the hospital has been dedicated to children's healthcare and to finding new and better ways to treat childhood illnesses. They receive more than 268,000 patients visiting each year. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is to enhance Great Ormond Street Hospital's ability to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young people, giving them the best chance to fulfil their potential. They provide funds to 4 key areas in order to support the hospital including modernising and redeveloping, child, family and staff support projects, providing funding for vital research and investing in new equipment.

To learn more about this worthy cause, please check out their website

We hope our contribution with help make a difference to others. If you have a charity you feel strongly about, please let us know and we will see what we can do about supporting them in the coming months.

Elvis Performs at Brightside Dental

Elvis Performs at Brightside Dental

On 22nd May, we had a day with a difference at Brightside Dental. We were selected as one of 11 dental practices in the UK to be part of Elvis Presley's dental crown tour.

Elvis Performs at Brightside Dental

We had Elvis's original tooth crown at the practice for the day. We had Elvis memorabilia and music, along with Salvis, an Elvis tribute artist who performed live at the practice on the day. We even had a couple come along from Buckinghamshire, who had seen the event in the press.

A great day was had by all, with some of our clients a bit surprised when they walked in to see the team dressed up. As well as a day of fun, the reason for the event was a more serious message - to raise the awareness of mouth cancer and the importance of increased survival rates by early detection.

Elvis Performs at Brightside Dental

As part of the day, we carried out free mouth cancer screening for all those who wished to have it undertaken. We were also raising money for the Mouth Cancer Foundation charity and are pleased to say we raised £300. This was achieved by way of donations, a raffle and the selling of cupcakes.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out - those who gave up their time for free, companies who donated raffle prizes and our team members who ensured that the event went so well.

Watch the video

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Buy1GIVE1 is a social enterprise founded and based in Singapore in 2007 whose aim is to work with small businesses around the world in order to completely transform the way giving has been perceived in the past.

B1G1 moves giving from an ad-hoc, event-driven model to a very specific transaction-based giving model — a world where every transaction gives back and makes a difference.

The system is based on a scheme in which day to day activities can have an enormous impact on someone's life. It actually means that giving would become a habit that won't need any effort to be carried out.

100% of contributions made by B1G1 Businesses partners are passed directly to the Worthy Cause organisations through B1G1 Giving. B1G1 takes nothing from the contributions nor does it receive funds from charities in any way for the services it provides.

The Brightside Dental team started our partnership with B1G1 in January 2012 and since then every month we have contributed to help a variety of causes.

In essence, the way it works is every time one of our clients chooses to undergo one of our hygiene treatments from our Tooth Polishing Menu, they are helping people less fortunate by us making a donation on their behalf.

With each Diamond Polish carried out by Sanaz – our hygienist – 5 children in Nepal will receive school supplies for 1 month and an Indian family would get 5 bricks to help them build a new home. One Pearl Polish will help 5 more children with their monthly school requisite and 3 bricks will be given to a family in India, and every Crystal Polish will enable one child in Nepal to have everything needed for his studies for a month and one brick will be given to the same cause in India.

A small contribution from everyone makes a global difference.

We are proud to work with B1G1 every month and we encourage all our clients to get involved in this life changing experience by giving them the opportunity to choose which cause they would like to help as well.

See an article about Brightside Dental by B1G1   »

Smiley Culture

To celebrate the end of the National Smile Month and in collaboration with the Skips Books Project, two team members representing a dental practice in North London have taken the initiative to get involved in the local community by providing books and oral health supplies to the pupils at Bowes Primary School.

The whole process has started slowly as at first contact school's representatives were reluctant to Brightside Dental's proposal of having such an event take place in their premises. The main issue was the fact that they couldn't comprehend the purpose of it, why would a dental team want to do this for the community?

As hard to believe as it is nowadays, there are people out there who are willing to give back to society and are interested in the future of our children. Many of the pupils at Bowes Primary School are under the care of the practice and that's how the whole idea came into the minds of the organizers.

National Smile Month is an oral health campaign organized by the UK's leading oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation and it took place between May 20 and June 20 2012.

The campaign is the focal point for thousands of dental and health professionals to coordinate events and activities across the UK to improve oral health. Community groups, businesses, schools and members of the public also help to organise grass-roots activities such as fun days, talks, sponsored events, displays, open sessions and competitions. These events form the backbone of the campaign and help to share the proven messages and importance of good oral health.

Skips Crosswords have launched an initiative to support and encourage local education within the community. Addressing local businesses to sponsor and donate SKIPS fun learning books, the aim is to strengthen and improve opportunities for all sections of the community.

The representatives of Brightside Dental – Ola Hassan and Andrea Willans armed themselves with presentation materials, goodie bags and plenty of excitement and shared their knowledge with 2 of the final year classes at Bowes Primary School on 20 June 2012.

They were received with interest and involvement by all the pupils and spent 2 fruitful hours giving advice on how to maintain oral health from an early age.

The Q&A sessions were incredible as the students were very well informed regarding healthy diet tips and dietary do's and don'ts, showing that the main purpose of the event was achieved.

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