Brightside Dental Halloween Time!

What an amazing experience it has been to enjoy a day full of cheerfulness and playfulness. And it all happened in the most unusual place of all: at the dentist.

Approximately 70 children have passed through the doors at Brightside Dental on Halloween Day, each and every one of them with a funkier outfit than the other, all ready to be tricked or … more likely treated.

From the early hours of the morning the whole team got here in time to put the hanging pumpkins out, and the sign at the door, to arrange the games and get the face paints mixed, to prepare the goodie bags and the healthy treats.

It was all ready at 9 o’clock sharp to open the doors for a new and exciting adventure.

Adam the Pirate, Hannah the philanthropist and Lia the Witch were the first to welcome the little monsters.

Then they next went to see Sheelna the Girl Pirate and Agnieszka the Monkey or meet our 2 other witches Meera and Ola, or Lucy and her pumpkins.

They had their faces painted, they coloured or played games before their turn to visit the dentist or while they waited for their siblings.
And at the end of the journey all of the best behaved (as in everybody) were rewarded with a goodie bag and a healthy snack.

None of this was in vain as on top of the joy that was spread throughout the day, efforts were made for a good cause and a considerable amount of funds were raised to be given to the children supported by the Rays of Sunshine – a children’s charity located in North London. All of the preparations were made in advance in collaboration with the people at Rays of Sunshine to encourage Brightside Dental’s clients to help out in granting a one last wish for a terminally ill child. Hannah prepared a colouring competition and rewarded all donors with a healthy apple or a juicy clementine.