How Have Our Patients Scored Us?

As our regular clients will be aware, we always ask them to complete a feedback form at the end of each visit with us, with 4 simple questions, as follows:

  1. Were all team members friendly and helpful?
  2. Were you seen on time for your appointment?
  3. Was your treatment completely pain free?
  4. How likely would it be that you would recommend us to your friends and family?

This is something we have been doing for over 5 years and as part of NHS regulations, part of this survey has now become mandatory. We often get asked by long-standing patients, “Why do still do this as I as I score you 5’s?”  I am a firm believer in the quote attributed to Peter Drucker of “What gets measured gets managed”. If we stop measuring feedback, there is every chance our service level could fall.

We assess the feedback forms every day and discuss them in our morning meetings. It’s fantastic to see the great ratings and positive feedback. However, it’s just as important that if we haven’t performed in the best way, we have an opportunity to improve immediately. If was have low score and a patient has put their name on the form, we will contact them to understand why they were not fully happy and see if we can put it right.

As well as on a daily basis, we also look at the feedback on a monthly and annual basis. The results of how we performed in clients being likely to recommend us are shown on the infographic below and are based on 11792 patients surveyed from June 2016 to May 2017. At Brightside Dental, we are really proud of our hard working team, who want to do the best they can for our clients.