Medical Emergencies Training

At Brightside Dental, all our team members are committed to ongoing learning and training. We recently had our annual basic life support and medical emergencies training. It’s a CQC requirement for us to refresh and update our knowledge in this area every year. Also, from a practice and personal point of view it’s very useful as fortunately, we experience very few medical emergencies in the practice.

CPR in the dental chair


What we also do on a regular basis in team meetings is to role play medical emergencies so that we all know what to do in such a situation and that’s probably the closest we can get other than a real life situation.

We have a range of equipment and drugs as recommended by the British Resuscitation Council, to assist in all major emergencies. We also have a defibrillator in the practice, which if ever needed could have a huge impact on someone who has had a heart attack or stopped breathing.





Tiring work!