Are White Spots On Your Teeth Affecting Your Smile?

It is widely believed that the first things people notice when meeting someone new is their smile and their eyes. Even the slightest blemish with a smile can affect a person’s confidence (and it is also thought has an impact on the outcome of job interviews and promotions) and a confident smile can make all the difference.

White spots on the teeth are something we commonly see. Unfortunately, they most commonly affect the upper front teeth, which are the most visible when speaking and smiling. There can be various causes for the whit spots, two of the most common being after orthodontic treatment and due to flourosis (excess fluoride intake as a child).

In the past, either teeth whitening and/or fillings or veneers were the main solution to improve and remove white patches. The downside with fillings is that they involve removing some healthy tooth tissue, which would put many people off having invasive treatment on an otherwise healthy tooth.

Icon treatment is a minimally invasive therapy, which in many situations can be a solution to help remove or reduce white patches on the teeth. It involves no drilling or injections.


After Icon (and teeth straightening)


Before Icon








Carlla Before Icon



After Icon (and Teeth Whitening)








Carlla shares her experience of the treatment

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