Are There Links Between Oral Health and Menopause?

A woman`s body is one of God`s most beautiful creation. The different stages of life: puberty, The Link Between Oral Health and Menopausemenses, pregnancy, and menopause have varied influences on oral health. During the menopause, women go through biological and endocrine changes, particularly in their sex steroid hormone production, affecting their health.

Here are some changes and potential problems in the mouth that may be associated with menopause:

  • Burning mouth syndrome. It’s a common cause of intense pain and can affect the tongue, lips, palate, gingival and areas of denture support.
  • Dry mouth. Decreasing oestrogen can cause mouth dryness.
  • Mucosal changes. Gums can bleed easily and appear pale, dry and shiny.
  • Women can become more susceptible to this destructive form of gum/periodontal disease following menopause.
  • Bone loss in the mouth may be related to osteoporosis.
  • Eating disorders. Psychological distress related to menopause can lead to improper eating habits in some women, including intentionally vomiting. These habits can cause trauma to the mouth, including erosion of tooth enamel.

Contact us if you have any of these concerns and would like some help to combat unwanted effects the menopause may have on the health of your mouth