Easter Treats : Tips For Good Dental Health

With Easter comes an abundance of sugary treats, which can undo all the good dental habits practiced during the year.  It’s not just children who love Easter eggs, most of us adults are the same. With so many varieties and choice available, you could end up having a lot more chocolate than planned over the Easter break.  

Here are some tips to help you minimise the risk of damaging your teeth and having dental problems as a result of overindulging.
 Not all treats are the same. Some sweets are less harmful to teeth than others. Choose chocolate over sticky or hard sweets that linger in the mouth and/or chip or damage teeth.
 Save treats for mealtimes. Saliva levels are higher during a meal. Having sugary treats afterwards can lessen the time sugar stays on the teeth. Saliva helps to remove plaque
and to neutralize the acid that leads to tooth decay.
 Rinse with water . Give your child a glass of water or ask them to rinse their mouth after eating sugary treats to help reduce the amount of sugar in the mouth.
 Everything in moderation . You don’t have to deprive your child of special sweet treats to enjoy good dental health.Choose small portions, and encourage them to share with friends and family members.
 Brush, brush, brush. Holidays can be a great time to reinforce the importance of daily brushing – in the morning (after breakfast) and especially before bedtime. Remember, don’t brush immediately after a sweet treat, as you could actually cause more damage to your teeth this way.

 Remember chocolate doesn’t go off and have an expiry date of a few days or few weeks, so why not have Easter eggs in small amounts and let them last for a few months.

Happy Easter from all the team at Brightside Dental. Enjoy the break!