Going Back To School With Braces

Going back to school or starting a new school can be exciting for most children, however it can also be a stressful time for children who have recently got their braces. Some are bothered about what others will think or say about them.  This transition of having braces might be small at home, but overwhelming and challenging at school. 

Here are some tips to make life at school with braces stress-free:

  • Carry a braces kit with you – packing a braces care kit and bringing it to school is highly recommended, especially for children that are new to braces. The braces care kit will help your child be prepared for the most dreaded situations that can come from wearing braces. This should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, small interspace brush and orthodontic wax.
  • Stay Hydrated – staying hydrated is great good for your child’s overall health, but drinking plenty of water will also help remove food particles from the teeth and braces.
  • Eat Smart – when going back to school with braces, it’s highly recommended that children get in the habit of packing a lunch. Packing a lunch is the best way to ensure that all food options are braces-friendly. Alternatively, if your child has school dinners, ensure they avoid hard, sticky and chewy foods and it’s easier to eat and chew with braces when food is cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Have a mouthguard handy – it’s important to wear a mouthguard when playing sports as it will protect the teeth and jaws against injury and provide protection to the braces. There are special mouthguards made specifically for people wearing braces. Just be sure the mouthguard you choose fits well and makes it easy for you to speak and breathe. 

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