Sugar – The Tooth Killler

We live in the real world. Sweet foods and chocolates are part of our everyday lives and its unrealistic to suggest that we will just stop having anything sweet.

Every time we consume sugar, the bacteria which sticks to the teeth surface converts it into acid during an acid attack which gradually eats away at the tough outer protective enamel and once through the enamel will lead to rapid destruction of your tooth.

Around half of 8 year olds have dental decay and that means likely decay in their adult teeth. Over500 children a week in England alone are being put under general anaesthetic in hospital to have rotten teeth removed.

Here are 7 top tips to help reduce dental decay:

1)   Cut down how many times per day you have sugary snacks, it’s the frequency not quantity that worsens decay.

2)   If you eat sugary food, consume them after a meal as your saliva defence is at its best and so will reduce the duration of the acid attack.

3)   Chew sugar free gum after eating sugary food as this boosts saliva flow.

4)   Check food and drink labels and always choose the sugar free option.

5)   If you have a sweet tooth, try artificial sweeteners and always choose sugar free mints or sweets alternatives.

6) Don’t brush for at least 20 minutes after eating as this can cause more damage to the teeth because of the increased acid levels.

7) Avoid sugary food and drinks close to bedtime as when we sleep saliva levels in the mouth are reduced, thus increasing the risk of decay.

See you next week for tips on how to end your sugar addiction.