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Teeth Straightening » Invisalign® - the clear choice for a straight smile

Nothing is as important as a genuine and heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed – as well as making the right impression!

With Invisalign® you can have the smile you always wanted, without wearing traditional, metal braces.

Your treatment is nearly invisible, almost no-one will be able to tell you are wearing Invisalign®. Plus you can remove Invisalign® you can eat and drink what you like.

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“For my lifestyle, Invisalign worked the best as it was something I could take out when I needed to and it was a clear solutions so it didn’t look like anything was happening”


“I thought it wouldn’t work in such a short amount of time but that’s been completely wrong, it’s been less than a year – very straight and very white teeth!”


“The tracks had the problem with food stuck in them and I had to clean them very regularly. There was also an image problem with me doing some camera work in my private work, so having Invisalign removed that problem.”

Not only is it nearly invisible, Invisalign is a straightforward, fuss-free solution. You get:

  • Predictable treatment, as Invisalign® is planned in advance your dentist can more accurately predict when your treatment will be finished
  • Improved gum health through better dental hygiene during treatment
  • No metal allergies due to brackets and wires
  • Greater treatment visibility and easier planning with our treatment software
  • Custom manufacture means a tailored match to your teeth, for reduced irritation and fewer scratches

Well over 6 million people have more reasons to smile - thanks to Invisalign®. Here are just a few of our patients who have experienced the Invisalign® process:


“Having this work done on my teeth has given me the biggest boost to my confidence that I could have asked for”

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“When you get married, people are taking photos of you all the time. I was so happy that I did it because I got my wedding photos back and my teeth looked amazing. Super happy!”

The Virtual Consultation

We know you lead a busy life and need convenient and efficient dental care.

Which is why we are pleased to offer a Virtual Consultation so you can discuss how Invisalign® will improve your smile, from the comfort of your own home.

Just call us on 020 8888 4401 to book your appointment, we’ll be pleased to book this at a time to suit you.

Remote Dental Monitoring

We now offer you the chance to review the progress of your Invisalign treatment via our remote dental monitoring system.

This system provides an app through which you communicate with your dentist, who will answer any queries you have and tell you what you need to do next. It’s easy to use and cuts down the amount of physical appointments you need to attend. Check out what our patients below have to say about the system.


“We've been using the dental monitoring scan which means I can live in York and still do Invisalign and my dentist can still be telling me what I need to be doing. It's quite impressive the technology, it's really, really good.”

Video Testimonial

“I’ve been using the dental monitoring system, so I haven’t really had to come in for a lot of physical appointments. Really straightforward to use. You get an app on your phone and it just guides you through each step of the way and you can remotely talk to your dentist through it.”

Call us on 020 8888 4401 to discuss how remote monitoring will work for you.

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