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Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
This is a long review, but like fellow reviewers or pioneers who shared their story before me, I hope to help someone from the misery of dental pain and to take charge of their dental health as we all should have the confidence to.

I was 16 when I was told by a rather rude dentist that I needed a filling. When I asked a few questions I was given short shrift and left to feel that I couldn't trust this man. Cue a 12 year hiatus on visiting a dentist until I was 28 - at which point after reading lots of forums and websites I landed upon Ketan's website with these testimonials from lots of patients who told the virtues of this non judgemental, pain free dental practice with tools such as the magical wand, could injections really be painless and complex previously unfathomable procedures really be done in such a sensitive and considered way? After a year I managed to pluck up the courage to call and from the moment Faith warmly answered the phone, I felt like this could be the place to get me though. I arranged to visit Ketan and I can honestly say that he listened, wanted to understand what my anxieties were and agreed to do everything at my pace and to my agenda. Miraculously we identified only a few fillings were needed and potentially a root canal. Everything was explained and Ketan wrote to me a few days later at home with a full treatment plan, clear prices and I called to get things started and agreed to start with a simple filling.

I was petrified before going for the procedure. My head filled with every horror story I'd been told, I could visualise every recoil from friends and family at the mere mention of the dentist. I mustered the courage but would have gladly run away - I'm glad I didn't. I arrived and was pleased that my requests of all dental equipment to be kept hidden/under paper had been met and I was able to sit down without my fears being made worse by seeing all manner of equipment that would be used. Most importantly, my request for Kiss FM to be on the radio had been received and I was comforted by the music I enjoy, rather than the typical 'relaxing' classical music that many dentists play and is far from relaxing! I felt in safe hands.

Ketan explained the procedure and after some magic gel on my gum he started with the dental wand to numb my tooth. Whilst clutching a stress ball at the fear of impending pain, the injection started and I didn't feel a thing - this really was magic. Once the tooth was numb it was time to start the filling, the next scary aspect. Ketan started work on the tooth and again, I didn't feel a thing. Internally I started to realise that my fears were unfounded and I started to feel free of the worries I have had for years - I threw the stressball away much to the amusement of Ketan and Faith who soon realised I was doing okay with things and the procedure was soon done and was a total non event. Because the wand had been used for the anaesthetic, I was also able to get on with my day without waiting for the numbness to wear off!Since then, I've had a number of fillings, hygienist appointments (all of the team are lovely) and more recently after some unfortunate infection with one of the teeth that had a large filling, I had to have a root canal procedure and a crown. This is probably one of the scariest procedures everybody you talk to will balk at and I can honestly say bar some discomfort from the infection I had, the treatment and care I have had was a pure 10/10.

For the first time in years I have left the dentist with follow up appointments for a check up and my hygiene appointment already in the diary, I've pushed my fears out and am firmly in control of my health for the first time in a long long time. I can hand on heart say I would not have taken charge of sorting my dental health out, had it not been for Ketan, Faith, Elena, Negar, Raminta, Liudmila & Adam over the last three years. If you want a dentist that is reasonably priced, caring and pain free then give Brightside a call. They certainly live up to their promise of calm and gentle dentistry.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I cannot believe the transformation of my teeth they are so white and bright
I cannot believe the transformation of my teeth they are so white and bright, did not think it was possible but you have achieved the unachievable.

The treatment I received today was excellent. I had my teeth cleaned and polished. I had an injection to the left hand side of my mouth as my teeth on this side needed a deep cleanse. I can honestly say I felt no pain whatsoever. Esther you really put me at ease and I must say you are a real perfectionist. I will tell my husband and sister to have their teeth done now.

Many thanks too for your prompt attention. It is always nice not to be kept waiting.
Many thanks.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
His gentle manner and guidance helped put me at ease.
I am one of those nervous patients. I kept putting off going to the dentist until the pain in my teeth became unbearable. I needed an extraction. From the moment I stepped inside the surgery I felt comfortable and fairly relaxed.

Once in the dentist's chair I explained to the surgeon my life long fear of dentists. His gentle manner and guidance helped put me at ease. I hardly felt the three injections and before I knew it my tooth had been extracted. I was absolutely stunned. Money well spent I would say.

Don't put off coming to Brightside if you feel any pain in your teeth. The longer you leave it the more your teeth will deteriorate thus requiring more work.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Thanks for the top quality service
Just wanted to say thanks for the top quality service I have received at this practice over the past 2 years. Having relatively weak teeth I have had numerous treatments (from Dr Shah and Dr Hassan) and dental hygienist appointments (with Miss Kearney) and my teeth have never been better. All of the staff have been exceptionally friendly and the treatment (including root canal) painless. Furthermore I have received first class Preventative treatment advice that shows the high level of commitment your staff have to patient care.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I feel more confident with the colour of my teeth and believe that they look much better
I initially thought by having whitening treatment it would leave my teeth sensitive, but after discussing the position with my dentist I was happy to go ahead with the treatment.

I would fully recommend this treatment to others. I feel more confident with the colour of my teeth and believe that they look much better.

I found the experience a positive one and was happy to invest money and spend time in improving the appearance of my teeth.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Thank you for making it a stress-free experience!
I would like to say how good the treatment I've had for two new front teeth crowns has been. I was nervous that it would be painful, but I was relieved that this only lasted for a short time. Thank you for making it a stress-free experience! My two new crowns look good and feel much better than my old teeth. I would recommend the treatment to anyone.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
If you need dental treatment please come and see Ketan and team!
When I came to surgery I hadn't been to the dentist for over 5 years. Bad treatment in the past had frightened me away, however, a broken tooth made it necessary to find a new dentist.

I found through recommendation Brightside Dental. Can I commend Ketan and his team who have put me totally at ease and have in my opinion carried out excellent work.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I had the best treatment I ever had before
I would love to tell all patients that are having treatment with Dr Ketan that I had the best treatment I ever had before. I was so relaxed especially with the injection. I couldn't feel anything and I was very happy with work he had done for me and happy with service. It was worth it in every way, time and money. Now I am thinking to do all my teeth.

Thank you.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I was extremely happy with the advice I got
My name is Anna and I live in London, I chose Brightside Dental after recommendation from my friend, but having bad memories about previous treatment in UK I still was very reserved. I met my Doctor and he explain to me everything and we talked about different options and their results for the future treatment. I was extremly happy with the advice I got and wide explenation of the subject, so every time I was able to make a fully informed decision. Somehow the visits in the surgery were not painfull or empowered with stress, but the opposite I was always happy to go there and be able to get the treatment tailored to my needs.

I would simply recommend the Brightside Dental to everybody who is looking for a great dentist along side very good service and a helpful and nice atmosphere.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I know I am in safe hands
I have been treated by Ketan for many years. He has always been kind and considerate and an excellent professional.

I know that I am in safe hands and even unpleasant procedures are carried out with such expertise that they really are pain free. He is an expert at injecting exactly in the right area and effectively executing treatment.

Ketan has been very supportive with my dental issues and is an honest and hard working man that definitely offers value for money.
Thank you.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I would not consider using any other dentist I have been a patient of Dr Ketan Shah for around 6 years now and I would not consider using any other dentist.

Ketan has a lovely, reassuring and gentle manner, coupled with outstanding skills in dentistry. At each visit, he patiently explains what work is necessary and how it is to be carried out. He also makes suggestions as to how I can make cosmetic improvements in addition to the functional work, but he merely presents the options and the associated costs and I have never felt pressured to undertake any work until I personally make that decision to go ahead.

After some time deliberating whether to proceed, I recently undertook teeth whitening treatment. My previously yellow teeth are now beautifully white and I totally underestimated the positive impact this would have on my confidence in my appearance. Ketan has also made and fitted some beautiful porcelain crowns. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is one in a million!

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Best care and were very professional
I was very nervous going to the dentist to have my root canal. With the experience and care at Brightside they gave me the best care and were very professional.

I would advise anyone going to have root canal treatment done not to worry and trust the dentists.

I am now pain free and also can eat on both sides of my mouth which is such a relief.

It also doesn't take long and if anyone has the choice to have root canal or lose the tooth I advice on the root canal.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Well worth the time and money spent
I am a retired school teacher who has been treated for some years by Mr Ketan Shah. I have always had the best of care.

I am extremely nervous of dental treatment and feel that he is aware of my fears and treats me accordingly. I now have confidence in the treatment and care of my teeth.

It was well worth the time and money spent for replacing my crowns.

Thank you Ketan.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I have a lot more confidence now
I am extremely pleased with the treatment I received. The whitening procedure was thoroughly explained to me and my progress was monitored regularly.

I considered whitening my teeth for several months before I went ahead with the treatment. The treatment was easy and painless and I would recommend it to anyone.

I am very pleased with the results, I'd become very conscious of how stained my teeth were, but now I feel like smiling all the time and my friends have noticed how much better my teeth look. I have a lot more confidence now.

The treatment was well worth the money and time that I spent.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Well worth the money and time invested
I would highly recommend Brightside Dental for whitening procedures. Their advice prior to treatment and during treatment was excellent.

If you are thinking about having your teeth whitened – go for it! The results are amazing.

My confidence levels are much higher now. It was well worth the money and time invested.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Very happy to recommend whitening treatment
Before the whitening treatment I was very aware of my "yellow" teeth and quite self conscious about them. I had considered "whitening" but was unaware of how simple it could be.

I was apprehensive beforehand but quickly reassured after the initial treatment. Ketan Shah carefully explained everything to me. He has carried out the treatment and aftercare with his usual gentle professionalism.

I will certainly continue "topping up" at home particularly as it only means a treatment every two months or so.

I would be very happy to recommend this treatment, particularly at this dental practice.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Wonderful atmosphere makes a pleasant and relaxing experience
Dear Brightside Dental

I am writing to thank you for providing me with such great care. Your professionalism and friendliness is greatly appreciated, and goes a long way in making me feel comfortable and confident in my treatment. I would most highly recommend Ketan and assure anyone nervous about treatment that they are in the best hands. The wonderful atmosphere at the practice makes the stereotypically dreaded trip to the dentist a pleasant and relaxing experience. I have been particularly delighted with my air polishing which has really increased my confidence in my smile. Thank you to the whole team for their hard work.

Kind regards.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I look forward to being able to chew
I postponed having work done on my teeth because I did not want the hassle and I thought I could not afford it. Of course the treatment required became more necessary, more difficult and more expensive. Actually it was no hassle at all, certainly not painful, just a little uncomfortable. Dr Shah was charming, kind and extremely efficient. I am looking forward to being able to chew in all my mouth. In future I will not put off having necessary work done on my teeth.

Thank you.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I feel more confident and I love smiling.
I recently had a cosmetic dental treatment to improve my smile by Ketan Shah at Brightside Dental. The finished result made me extremely happy as I love my smile now, I feel more confident and I love smiling. Thank you for making me so happy. All the treatment was explained very well in detail and it was done very professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ketan Shah to everyone, as he is highly professional and caring.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I look forward to returning in the future.
Not having been to a dentist for many a year (due to my own oversight and carelessness), I was very pleasantly surprised and relieved to have received such helpful and professional treatment from Mr Shah. He was exceptionally considerate and totally calm in his expert way of treating me. A very gentle and well trained dentist. I really will not be ignoring any future 6 monthly appointments - and in fact quite look forward to returning for them in the future - as long as it is with Mr Shah!

With sincere wishes and gratitude

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Most professional and caring dentist.
I have recently just finished a course of dental treatments. All throughout my visits Dr Shah made me feel extremely comfortable and by each visit I was less nervous.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the dental treatments, and I have to say Dr Shah was the most professional, caring dentist I have come to.

The aftercare advice I will definitely take on board, as for keeping up with my regular check ups.

Finding a Dentist with all of the above qualities is a very rare thing to come across, I will be coming back for certain. Dr Shah is the best dentist for me (with a lovely smile).

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Now there's nothing to be afraid about in coming to the dentist.
Being a very nervous patient, I hadn't visited a dentist for a number of years the result of this was I had major works needed. God what was I worried about. From the very first visit Ketan made me feel very comfortable, his professional and kind manner made me feel confident that I had come to see the right dentist and after the course of treatment that I needed the results confirmed this. After meeting Ketan I will not be missing any check ups after all these years. I now know there's nothing to be afraid about in coming to the dentist.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Thrilled with the appearance of my teeth, achieved with no pain.
I would like to say that the treatment I have had from Dr Ketan Shah has been second to none.

I have been given careful and measured advice about my teeth - all options covered - without any pressure as to what I should do. I feel that my particular needs were very much taken into consideration and decisions about treatment have been taken based on detailed explanations and good advice.

I am thrilled with the appearance of my teeth, achieved with no pain and only a very small measure of discomfort. I highly recommend Dr Shah.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Whitening treatment was simple and painless.
Thank you so much for your advice and professional approach to my dental care. Not only have you been an excellent practioner you have given honest and detailed advice, tailoring this to my specific requirements.

With regards to the whitening treatment, you clearly outlined all the possible treatments and we discussed the pros and cons of each. You ensured that I understand the procedures so I could make an informed decision.

The treatment was simple and painless and we were able to organise our appointments to fit in with my schedule. Finding a dentist that you feel comfortable with and that you trust and believe has your best interests at heart can be challenging but I have found such a dentist in you. I feel confident you understand not only my medical history but my personal requirements and have recommended you to family and colleagues.

Many thanks for helping me get my teeth into the great condition they are in currently.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Shah to my friends and family.
Further to my recent treatment with Ketan Shah I would like to say how pleased I am with the results.

Mr Shah was very professional, he gave clear instructions and explanations, he was courteous and kind and above all patient.

The treatment I received was a couple of fillings and a cap. When the bite was not quite right on temporary cap, he was very accommodating to see me straightaway.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Shah to any of my family, friends and others.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Clearly explained all the options open to me.

I have recently finished a course of treatment with Mr Shah. I am a very reluctant dental patient and had not visited a surgery for several years and I became very anxious after an initial consultation to hear that I had to have a course of treatment. However I have to say that Mr Shah made the whole process bearable for me.

At the start he outlined in detail the work that needed to be done and also explained clearly all the options open to me. At the beginning of each visit he explained each step of the treatment and was always happy to answer questions. He was aware of and sensitive to my anxieties and his manner was always professional, calm and courteous. Mr Shah gave excellent aftercare advice and I feel confident that he would support should I encounter any problems.

I feel that I had the highest standard of treatment and care with Mr Shah.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I now smile with confidence.
Over the past 6-7 months, I have had major dental treatment done by Dr Ketan Shah. The work carried out is exceptional and very professional. My teeth now look great and I now smile with confidence.
I would like to thank Dr Ketan Shah for his hard work and patience and a very big well done.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
The best dentists I have been to.
I have always found the dentist Ketan to be efficient and courteous. He has looked after my teeth for a number of years and has always done a very professional job. This is evidenced by the fact that I have not needed to return with problems for the same teeth. On the rare occasion where I have experienced problems he has been very accommodating in respect of fitting me in and has dealt with the problem quickly and to my satisfaction.

I am also pleased with the fact that he listens to what I am saying about my teeth and will tackle the problem immediately.

Overall I have found Ketan to be one of the best dentists I have been to and I will continue to keep my business with him for the foreseeable future.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
You are an artist as well as a great dentist.
Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the work you did on my teeth and how thankful I am that you suggested getting the four teeth done at the same time.

What was worrying me the most was how you were actually going to get the veneers off and the cost. I stayed away for almost a year before I plucked up the courage to ask how you were actually going to get the veneers off my teeth. You explained how it was going to be done and I felt I could go ahead with the treatment. I made the appointment and was still a little apprehensive about the length of time you would be working on my teeth and if it was going to be painful.

The preparatory work and the removing of the veneers faded into oblivion when you finished putting the crowns on and I Iooked in the mirror to see what the end result was and how well matched to the colour of my own teeth!!! Worth every penny.

You are an artist we well as a great dentist - you know how to treat people's fears and apprehensions and make them feel at ease. I would never again hesitate with regard to my dental treatment - I have utter confidence in you and your work.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Really thrilled with her transformed teeth.
We wanted to write to you for the excellent service we have enjoyed recently at your dental surgery.

While we have have been a little sceptical at what results could be achieved for teeth whitening using a surgery and home application system. Juliette is really thrilled with her transformed teeth. The perfect matching achieved with her veneers to the rest of her teeth are remarkable.

We also want to thank you for the way you have introduced our two children to seeing the dentist in such a friendly and easy way, they almost look forward to seeing you (the stickers may help).

As a family who have to balance the cost of treatment with wanting a convenient and timely service we have no hesitation in recommending you and your practice wholeheartedly. We look forward to many more years as your patients.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Happy to have finally found my permanent dental surgery.

Dr Shah outlined all options of treatment on my fist visit and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each one. I knew exactly what to expect and was put at ease on my visits. Having visited a number of dental practices in the last few years, I am happy to have finally found my permanent dental surgery!!

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I've got a lot more confidence.

Thank you so very much for the time that you have spent and your professional approach to the care and treatment of my teeth.

The teeth whitening before the crown work that you've done has made a major impact on my smile and general outlook on life. I've got a lot more confidence (and female interest).

The crowns (3 all in a row) look amazing. You can't tell from looking and I can't tell from eating they're just like my own teeth.

I've got no hesitation about revisiting you in the future. You are definitely the best dentist by far and your bedside manner should be taught to some of the other dentists that I've visited in the past.

Thanks for taking the time to explain all the treatment, as well as the pros and cons of the different treatments.

It's good to know why to spend the money if it's going to cost you less in the future.

Full steam ahead on the implant work please.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I would have no hesitation in recommending
I have been one of Meera's patients for several years. She has always been friendly and treated me with respect and the treatment I have received has always been good. I would have no hesitation in recommending Meera as a dentist, especially to those who are feeling nervous or anxious.

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
I now feel extremely relaxed and happy with my stain-free, natural white teeth
I have just experienced a "Diamond Polish" with Esther, the hygienist at Brightside Dental! I now feel extremely relaxed and happy with my stain-free, natural white teeth. Esther explained the process beforehand so I understood there were to be three easy steps. She was so gentle and reassuring that I am now considering a simple home-whitening kit! Despite the hole in my molar which I'm waiting to be filled, I never felt any sensitivity or pain, which I was concerned about before the appointment. I will definitely book in for a polish again!

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Her reassurance and gentle approach ensured a pain free session
Sheelna was brilliant! I am petrified of dentists but her reassurance and gentle approach ensured a pain free session of a few fillings. Thanks so much!

Brightside Dental Brightside Dental
Quick, efficient, friendly
I have had a broken tooth for ten years! Finally it's fixed! Quick, efficient, friendly and reasonable service. Thank you very much for changing the way I feel: more confident. Would not consider going anywhere else.

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