Practice Manager

GDC No. 256913

I’ve been part of the Brightside Dental team since November 2013. Over the years, my journey at the practice has been enriching, allowing me to cultivate a diverse skill set encompassing nursing, reception, and managerial responsibilities.

I consider myself a versatile and enthusiastic individual, always driven by a commitment to excellence in everything I do.

As the Practice Manager, I’ve honed my leadership skills, overseeing the day-to-day running of the practice, and ensuring a happy journey for our patients. I take pride in supporting my colleagues and empowering them to excel in their roles, fostering a positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

Setting and achieving goals within specified timelines is a source of great motivation for me. The satisfaction of meeting targets fuels my drive, leaving me with a profound sense of accomplishment. Looking back on what I’ve achieved, I find immense pride in knowing that I’ve consistently delivered my best.

Beyond the professional realm, I cherish moments spent with my family and traveling. One of my greatest joys lies in nurturing my collection of houseplants, each one a testament to my love for nature and the beauty it brings into our lives.

In essence, I am a dedicated individual with a zest for life, eager to embark on new challenges and make meaningful contributions wherever I go. I believe that every experience, whether professional or personal, shapes us into the best versions of ourselves, and I am committed to continuous growth and learning in every aspect of my journey.