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Brightside Smile Of The Month November 2019

Composite bonding of the two upper front teeth carried out in 1 appointment of just over 1 hour

Sarmi had been a long standing patient of Brightside Dental, but moved away from the area so ended up changing dentist. She came back to see Dr Ketan Shah with a view to having orthodontic treatment.

Click the link to see Sarmi share her story.

After a consultation and discussion, it was decided to carry out composite bonding. Sarmi achieved a mini smile makeover in 1 hour, with immediate results on the day and at a fraction of the cost of orthodontic treatment.

At Brightside Dental, our aim is to always in the first instance to carry out the least invasive; most comfortable; fast and cost effective solutions for our patients to achieve the smile they desire.
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Why Patience Is Often A Virtue

We had one of our treatment rooms refurbished at Brightside Dental last year. One of the most important items of equipment for us are the dental chairs – both for the comfort of our patients and for us to work in the best ways possible.

Last year we made a mistake of changing to a supplier that was relatively unknown to us. The single reason behind this decision was that we had planned the dates for refurbishment as the treatment room would be out of use for 2 weeks and our usual supplier had a waiting time of over 3 months, which didn’t work with our dates.

Unfortunately, we have had various problems with the new chair, which thankfully the supplier has agreed to take back and it means planning a replacement. The immediate decision was to revert back to our preferred supplier.

Dental chair components are customised and finished by a trained engineer for every order

Brightside’s principal dentist discusses this matter further and see a behind the scenes look of the Belmont showroom and factory

Waiting Times For Dental Appointments

Many of our patients have to wait a significant amount of time for their next dental visit with us and for NHS appointments this can currently be over 6 weeks.

There are many reasons for this and in this video, Brightside Dental’s principal dentist Ketan Shah discusses the issue further.

One of the single biggest issues is that we lose an average of over 50 hours of clinical time due to missed appointments or late cancellations that mean we cannot offer these times to other patients. This amounts to losing more than 1 treatment room per month, which is very significant!

Poster we update each month and have displayed in the practice

We take deposits for appointments as practice policy to secure bookings and to try and help reduce the issue of failed appointments. Unfortunately, under NHS regulations we are unable to charge for missed appointments and the only option we have is to no longer see a patient under the NHS if there are repeated missed appointments or late cancellations.

Article written by a patient of Brightside Dental

iTero Digital Dental Scanner

As well as recent refurbishment at Brightside Dental, we have invested in the latest dental technology with the latest iTero digital scanner. This makes our practice fully digital and complements our dental software and digital x-rays.

See Brightside’s principal dentist Ketan demonstrating the scanner and also patients sharing their experience of the iTero.

For our patients, this means many benefits, including: not having to have messy and uncomfortable impressions/moulds of your teeth; being able to see an instant simulation of how your smile could look; faster processing of laboratory based dentistry; increased accuracy; digital dental records; having the possibility to detect decay without x rays; being able to accurately monitor changes with your teeth and gums, plus many more.

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Brightside Smile of The Month October 2019

Constantia had white patches on her front teeth for many years and it bothered her when speaking and smiling . She had looked into what could be done about the problem. She was told about Icon treatment by another dentist but they did not offer this treatment.

Click below to see Constantia share her story and how delighted she was with the result:

She found Brightside Dental online and came to see us based on positive reviews from other patients and from seeing results we have been able to achieve for others who have had similar treatment.

For more information about Icon treatment and examples of treatment outcomes, visit : or give us a call on 020 88884401.

Refurbishment Completed At Brightside Dental

Over the past few months we have gone through two phases of refurbishment work within the practice. The first part was to have air conditioning installed throughout the practice. Fortunately, we timed this just right for it to be ready for the hot weather during the summer.

The second phase has just been completed, whereby we have had the fourth and final one of our treatment rooms fully refurbished. Click the link to see Brightside’s principal dentist speak about it further and show you the new room :

The work involved a significant amount of planning as well as disruption within the practice whilst being carried out but has definitely been worth it. We have had great feedback from patients we have seen since completion of the work and it’s so much more a nicer environment for our team to work in. We also have the latest equipment and technology available which means we can provide an even better and more efficient service to our patients.

At Brightside, our aim is to constantly improve on what we do. We look forward to seeing you soon at the practice and welcome your opinion on what we have done and any further improvements we could make in the future.

Brightside Smile Of The Month September 2019

William had been unhappy with his smile for a long time and when we first discussed his issues and what he would ideally like to achieve, we were both unsure if that would be realistic.

His main concerns were with the way his upper front teeth looked and he had fillings on the upper front teeth which he was not happy with.

After detailed discussions and treatment planning, William opted for teeth straightening with fixed cosmetic braces. Once the teeth were straightened and retainers placed to help prevent any unwanted movement, a course of teeth whitening was carried out using Enlighten premium whitening and finally the fillings on the two upper front teeth were replaced with composite bonding to improve on the shape and colour to match the rest of Williams new smile.

Click the link to see William share his story about his journey to a new smile

The treatment went very well and took around 18 months in total. Appointments were planned around Williams busy and often unsociable hours work schedule.

If you would like to find out how we can help improve your smile, give us a call on 020 88884401.

Will Sugar Be Banned In Schools?

Dentists have been urging the government to reduce and ideally ban sugar in school meals, snacks and vending machines in order to reduce the epidemic of increasing levels of tooth decay in children.

There was a recent BBC News article published on this subject and Brightside Dental’s Principal dentist Ketan discusses the issue further here :

From a dental point of view, we focus on prevention and dental decay is one of the few preventable diseases, however is the single biggest reason hospital admissions and general anaesthetics in children.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May stated plans to improve oral health. We will need to see whether these claims are followed through, however at Brightside Dental, along with many other dental professionals, we will continue our mission to educate our patients and do our best to help reduce the level of dental decay in our patients.

For any further help or advice, give us a call on 020 88884401.

Why Are Braces For Adults Becoming More Popular?

There was a recent BBC news story that reported that increasing numbers of adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth and improve their smile.

See the story here:

Ketan Shah Brightside Dental’s principal dentist discusses this subject further here :

At Brightside Dental, we can confirm we are definitely seeing more interest in orthodontic treatment amongst our adult patients. In the past, it was generally the case that braces were only for children.

There are a number of reasons why we are seeing these changes, which include:   

-Braces are much more socially acceptable for adults than in the past and tend not to have an impact on most people’s work

-Many people have friends or family members having orthodontic treatment, which encourages them to do the same

-Also, many celebrities have braces, which makes it much more appealing to others

-Treatments options have significantly advanced over the years and there are many options for braces which can be very discreet and unobtrusive

-With cosmetic straightening of the teeth, treatment can often be completed in a matter of a few months

-Many adults had braces as a child but their teeth have moved over time

-NHS options for braces are becoming more limited so less children may be having orthodontic treatment, which may mean more have treatment as an adult

-Some people have always hated their smile, but may not be in a financial position to do anything about it at a younger age

-Age has become less of a barrier and we have many patients in their 50’s and 60’s who want to improve their smile

At Brightside Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetically focussed teeth straightening options to improve your smile.

Contact us on 020 88884401 to arrange a consultation or for further information

Refurbishment At Brightside Dental

At Brightside Dental, we firmly believe in constantly learning about the latest techniques and methods of treatment in dentistry as well as making improvements within the practice to make the comfort and experience of our patients as satisfying as possible.  

Over the past 9 years, we have progressively upgraded our treatment rooms, along with the dental equipment we use. Many of our regular and long-standing patients have followed this journey with us and we are very pleased and proud that they see positive improvements in the practice.

We are currently having the final of our 4 treatment rooms fully refurbished.  Click below to see the progress so far and we look forward to the work being completed!