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Treatment For Sensitive Teeth

August 6th, 2019

In our last blog, we discussed some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth. You can see that here :

Treatment to help with sensitivity depends on the cause of the problem. A simple first line measure is to try using a desensitising toothpaste, of which there are various brands available, the most common ones being Sensodyne and Colgate. For some people, it may be a matter of trying more than one type as they may find that one has no impact and another could significantly help with the sensitivity as they have different ingredients within them. If the problem continues to persist, arrange a dental visit to have your mouth checked in case there are any underlying issues causing the sensitivity.

Brightside Dental’s principal dentist Ketan, discusses further treatment options here :

1) Tooth brushing wear: Over vigorous toothbrushing can lead to wear and recession of the gums. When brushing try and apply gentle pressure to the teeth and gums. If using a manual toothbrush, a medium or soft brush is best. Ideally, change to a battery powered toothbrush which can be kinder on the gums and less likely to lead to wear or damage.

2) Recession due to gum disease: Your daily oral hygiene habits are the single most important way to maintain the health of your gums, along with regular dental and hygiene visits to help you. Unfortunately once the bone has reduced and gums have receded, they won’t grow back so some of the other treatments mentioned below can help.

Fluoride gel can be applied by your dentist to help with sensitivity. This can be very effective but is a temporary measure. A densensitising varnish can be placed over any exposed roots to help seal nerve endings that can cause sensitivity. This is a simple treatment that can be very effective. Another option is to place fillings to cover the exposed roots. In some situations, gum surgery can be appropriate to help with sensitivity and also cosmetically.

3) Dental Decay : When these is decay within a tooth, it is often not painful or may start by being sightly sensitive. This could be treated with a filling or if very deep. root canal treatment may be required.

4) Acid erosion causes wear to the teeth : The first step to helping with this, is to find and reduce the underling cause, which is often due to diet – acidic food and drinks or health issues and medicines. Ideally the cause of the problem should be first eliminated or reduced, otherwise the problem is likely to continue or get worse. A desensitising toothpaste or high fluoride toothpaste or gel may help and it may be indicated to rebuild the worn areas on the teeth.

5) Dental Treatment : Sensitivity can occur soon after having dental treatment and usually should settle down within up to 2 weeks. You can try the above measures of a desensitising toothpaste.

6) Teeth Whitening: When carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening usually isn’t overly sensitive. If you do suffer from sensitivity in your teeth, let your dentist know and they will advise you the the best way to manage it. When carried out correctly, the sensitivity due to whitening should pass once the treatment is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call on 020 88884401 to find out how we can help.

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