Brightside Dental – Smile Of The Month July 2021

Alpa was recommended to see Dr Ronit Patel at Brightside Dental by a friend and wanted to improve the look of her smile. She was getting married soon so wanted to get her treatment completedbefore the wedding. Her main concerns were with the alignment and the colour of her teeth.

She had previously had orthodontics as a teenager; however she was not completely happy with the result, and after losing her retainer her teeth started to move again. This is a very common problem we encounter – most of our adult teeth straightening patients had braces when younger but stopped wearing their retainers.

Alpa’s main issues were her crowded lower teeth, spaces between her upper teeth and the colour of her teeth. After a comprehensive assessment, Ronit identified that the spaces were caused by missing ipper second incisors on both sides.

Through detailed treatment planning, we developed a solution for Alpa. The treatment combined clear aligner teeth straightening using Invisalign, Boutique home whitening, fixed and removable retainers and then composite bonding (where a coloured resin is applied to teeth) to improve the final appearance of her teeth.

The whole process took nine months, afterwhich Alpa was thoroughly happy with the result and ready to get married with the great smile she wanted for the big day!

Our aim at Brightside Dental is to carry out minimally invasive treatment, ensuring we maximise cosmetic outcomes whilst preserving the health of the teeth . Alpa’s case did not require any extractions, and the composite bonding did not require the use of any drilling.

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