Don’t try this at home!

Whoever said that dentists and teeth are boring, clearly has not done enough internet research…

Only yesterday I was surfing the net and among the grumpy cats and Disney Princess quizzes – I’m a Pocahontas, in case you were wondering – I saw a little article that I thought was really weird. So weird in fact that I thought I’d share it with you

The title really says it all- ‘Parrot Pulls Kid’s Loose Tooth, Gives Dentists And Bird Owners Everywhere A Panic Attack’

Now I wouldn’t say I necessarily had a panic attack, but I did wonder why on earth you’d want to have a parrot rummaging around in your mouth.

Each to their own I guess. But in all seriousness, this isn’t something you should try at home!

For one, as the article said, the bacteria in human mouths is damaging to birds. But also when it comes to children’s wobbly teeth, it’s usually unnecessarily to try and pull milk teeth out at all.

Leaving them to fall out naturally is by far the safest and most pain-free option, and if you’re really worried about any aspect of your children’s teeth, a dentist is your best bet!

I promise, we’re much better qualified than parrots!

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Speak soon!