How should you be cleaning your teeth?

How many times a day do brush your teeth?

For how long?

Do you get into all the nooks and crannies, areas where bacteria likes to hide, or sugar likes to cling?

We all do it… a quick once over in the morning before we go to work, an even quicker brushing session before you climb into bed.

Thing is, if you are one of these people who doesn’t thoroughly clean their teeth, you’re leaving yourself open to a world of future pain, gum disease and tooth decay.

I found an interesting article which offers up a few tips you could practice every day to improve your oral hygiene, saving your teeth from any future calamity.

Some of these tips are self-explanatory, but do you follow any of them? How often do you clean your toothbrush, or are you one of those people who rinse your toothbrush under the tap when you’ve finished brushing?

Do you floss? Use mouthwash? There are places your toothbrush can’t reach, no matter how hard you brush (brushing hard is a big no by the way,) so make sure you use alternate methods during your routine to ensure your teeth, gums and your mouth is in pristine condition.

If you’re looking for some advice about how to maintain your oral hygiene, or maybe you’re curious about how your teeth are doing lately, then why not give us a call on 020 8088 2079 to book an appointment, and we’ll tell you exactly where you stand and what can be improved.