Important Advice If You Have A Removable Dental Appliance

Please read if you have anything in your mouth that is removable such as:

  • Orthodontic Aligners/Retainers
  • A Denture
  • Whitening Trays
  • Nightguard
  • Sports Mouthguard

you need to be even more careful than ever in the current climate to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Brightside’s Principal Dentist Ketan gives advice here:

If you have a removable appliance such as Invisalign aligners or dentures, it is very important to wash your hands before both removing the appliance from your mouth and also when putting it back in.

If you are somewhere where it is not possible to wash your hands, use hand sanitiser instead.

If this may be a problem, see if it’s feasible to leave the appliance at home while you are out. For any of our Invisalign patients, if you’re out and are unable to wear your aligners for the recommended hours, simply add an extra day of wear before moving to the next aligner

Keep your appliances as clean as possible by storing them in a case – don’t put them in your pocket or a bag when not wearing. You can clean day to day with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soapy water (cold or warm, but not hot water). Once or twice a week, use a cleaning tablet such as Steradent or Retainer Brite to fully clean the appliance    

If you need any further advice, please contact us on 020 88884401.