Invisalign…for the self-conscious teenager

It happens to most of us as some stage in our lives… Braces. We can’t all have straight pearly whites right out of the box. So unless you’ve been born with the perfect set of teeth, you’ll probably have to wear braces to align the odd wayward tooth.

Thing is, many find wearing braces an intimidating prospect. They don’t like the idea of having a mouth full of hardware, and they’re willing to avoid the dentist and let their teeth grow wildly in all directions.

For a lot of teenagers, braces are seen as a detriment than a benefit. They’ll only see the disadvantages than the overall successive outcome to wearing them. The problem here is, they’re willing to sacrifice that perfect smile to avoid the name-calling and bullying.

Is Invisalign Teen a solution to their worries? Here is an article that discusses the benefits and addresses concerns you may have with Invisalign, and why many choose them over traditional braces. If you have a self-conscious teenager living in your house, maybe you’ll find something of interest…

More than 200,000 children and adults in England and Wales started orthodontic treatment last year. That means more and more people are wearing braces on a daily basis. However, as you can see from the article, some people may find it difficult to adapt to the process, and in rare cases, may feel isolated.

So if you’re considering Invisalign? What can you hope to expect?

There are many advantages Invisalign can offer over traditional braces:

  • They’re practically invisible, or near enough, so your mouth will attract less attention.
  • Better for athletes, since there are no wires or brackets to cause injury during collisions.
  • The aligner can be removed before eating to avoid embarrassing food related situations.
  • A happier, healthier teenager.

While traditional braces will usually get the job done, Invisalign should only be used when all other bases have been covered. If you’re worried about your teeth, or your child’s teeth, and have a problem with wearing braces, why not give us a call on 020 8088 2079 to book an appointment to discuss all your available options.

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