Mouth Cancer Action Month 2020

November marks the 21st annual mouth cancer action month set up by the Oral Health Foundation. Over the past year over 8000 people in the UK were diagnosed with mouth cancer and worryingly, these numbers are increasing.

Here are things you can be aware of to help yourself and your family:

  • Knowing how to spot mouth cancer early and regularly checking for unusual changes in the mouth.
  • Understanding what is likely to cause mouth cancer and reducing your risk.
  • Acting quickly when you see something out of the ordinary by visiting your dentist.

Mouth Cancer Risk Factors

We don’t know what causes most mouth cancers. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase your risk.

Up to 90% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors.

This means that with a few small changes, you can help cut your chances of developing mouth cancer.

If you do not stop or reduce the things that might put you at greater risk, it is important that you do self-checks at home and regularly visit your dentist.

If any or most of these apply to you, it does not mean that you are certain to develop mouth cancer.

The below causes are linked to mouth cancer.

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