Our focus – dental phobia

Do you feel anxious before every dental appointment? Do you find yourself feeling sick to your stomach or getting sweaty palms? Is getting your child into the dentist chair like pulling teeth?
Though dental anxiety is quite common, there are ways it could be easily managed, and can be preventable.
At Brightside Dental we are planning to focus our efforts on people who suffer from dental phobia. We pride ourselves in having given many of our clients an experience to talk about to their other anxious friends.
Take a look at this video where Mr Campbell shares his experience at the practice after working the courage to come and see Ketan:

There are a few things anyone can do to avoid such situations with children in particular.
The key is to maintain regular dental assessments, not only to sustain good oral health, but also to build their comfort level with the dentist. Ideally, it is recommended that parents take their child to the dentist between 6 and 12 months of age. The earlier you begin, the more your child will develop trust in the dentist and feel more comfortable in the chair.
Talk to your child about their upcoming dental visit in a positive manner, letting them know that the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help keep their teeth healthy. If your child seems nervous, try reading them a fun children’s book about going to the dentist or have them use their imagination to turn the appointment into a new and exciting adventure. The dentist chair could be their very own space shuttle on a secret mission to attack plaque. Never bribe your child into going to the dentist or use a dentist visit as punishment. Do not let anyone tell your child scary stories about the dentist. As a parent or caregiver, set a good example by brushing and flossing daily and visiting the dentist regularly. If you are anxious about going to the dentist, don’t share this nervousness with your child.
If you are an adult who suffers from dental anxiety, these are a few tips to help ease your anxiety:
– Choose a dentist that you trust
– Schedule an appointment for a time when you’re less likely to be rushed, such as in the evening or on the weekend.
– If you are bothered by the sounds of the dentist office, such as the drill, bring a portable headset with you and listen to your favourite music.
– Use your imagination and picture yourself somewhere relaxing, like the beach.
– Communication is the key. Share your fears with your dentist and dental team members.
We are happy to discuss any concerns with our clients before inviting them to enter the treatment room as we understand that it takes time to make a step towards overcoming any fear.
If you have any suggestions on how you would like your experience at the dentist to be, how your ideal dental visit should go please visit our Facebook page and drop us a comment on our wall by following this link:

We are striving to become the practice of choice for every person who feels reluctant to visit the dentist based on previous bad experiences and every piece of feedback is much appreciated.