People actually brush their teeth with their fingers?!

Check out this crazy article I found the other day:

A new survey released by GSK has revealed some astounding facts about the dental habits of us Brits.

Allow me to highlight some of the main statistics this survey found…

  • 45% of 10,000 adults say they’ve gone to bed without brushing (either due to laziness, tiredness, or simply forgetting)
  • One in five said they only brush with water
  • 14% ‘brush’ their teeth with a finger

It’s simply mind boggling.

No surprise at all that 29% of these people have at least six fillings, and 67% have experienced tooth decay and cavities.

In this day and age, this shouldn’t be such a widespread problem.

Simply brush your teeth twice a day for a couple of minutes a day, floss/use mouthwash, and get regular check-ups.

That’s all that your teeth need of you.

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