Something you need to be really careful about

I hope you’re having a great day.  Whilst checking my emails the other day, I came across a news story that I just had to share with you – you can check it out by clicking the link below:

You wouldn’t think that stuff like this happened, but a woman has genuinely been offering teeth whitening services despite not being registered with the General Dental Council.

Remember, if you want teeth whitening, you need to make sure it’s administered by a true professional who knows what they’re doing and has all the relevant qualifications.

Please avoid whitening kits that you can by on the internet or having whitening at a beauty salon as the therapists are not dentally trained and the treatment can do more harm than good – I’ve sometimes seen permanent damage to people’s teeth as a result.  You wouldn’t come to me to have your hair done, would you?

If you’d like any advice on the subject, just give my friendly team a call on 02080882079.

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