Statistically speaking, the ancient Romans had better teeth than we do today…

I know it sounds pretty crazy, but it’s absolutely true!

After months of research studying CAT scans of the remains of 30 men, women and children who perished beneath the ashes of Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius, scientists found something incredible…

These Ancient Romans lived long before the days of modern dentistry but yet they had impressively healthy teeth.


The inhabitants of Pompeii ate a lot of fruit and vegetables but very little sugar. They ate better than we did and have really good teeth. Studying their teeth could reveal a lot more about their lives.

Despite not having toothbrushes and toothpaste at their disposal, merely having a low sugar, high fibre diet proved to be enough to maintain a good pair of gnashers back in AD 79.

Here’s the news article if you fancy a read:

Remember, eating well can do wonders for your mouth!