Why Patience Is Often A Virtue

We had one of our treatment rooms refurbished at Brightside Dental last year. One of the most important items of equipment for us are the dental chairs – both for the comfort of our patients and for us to work in the best ways possible.

Last year we made a mistake of changing to a supplier that was relatively unknown to us. The single reason behind this decision was that we had planned the dates for refurbishment as the treatment room would be out of use for 2 weeks and our usual supplier had a waiting time of over 3 months, which didn’t work with our dates.

Unfortunately, we have had various problems with the new chair, which thankfully the supplier has agreed to take back and it means planning a replacement. The immediate decision was to revert back to our preferred supplier.

Dental chair components are customised and finished by a trained engineer for every order

Brightside’s principal dentist discusses this matter further and see a behind the scenes look of the Belmont showroom and factory