Will Sugar Be Banned In Schools?

Dentists have been urging the government to reduce and ideally ban sugar in school meals, snacks and vending machines in order to reduce the epidemic of increasing levels of tooth decay in children.

There was a recent BBC News article published on this subject https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49348932 and Brightside Dental’s Principal dentist Ketan discusses the issue further here : https://youtu.be/Q5wZt0ad0ng

From a dental point of view, we focus on prevention and dental decay is one of the few preventable diseases, however is the single biggest reason hospital admissions and general anaesthetics in children.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May stated plans to improve oral health. We will need to see whether these claims are followed through, however at Brightside Dental, along with many other dental professionals, we will continue our mission to educate our patients and do our best to help reduce the level of dental decay in our patients.

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