Dental Advice

How To Take Care Of Your Children’s Teeth

October 18th, 2013

As a parent with two young children I’m fully aware how it can be difficult to brush their teeth well. I’ve gone through times where they refuse to open their mouth, biting on the toothbrush to throwing  a full blown tantrum. Every child is unique and here are some tips that may help with brushing: […]

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7 Tips To Prevent Gum Disease

September 27th, 2013

Following on from our post last week about gum disease, today we will discuss simple tips you can follow in order to help prevent gum disease or to help slow the progress if you are suffering from gum disease. Healthy Gums Tip 1 – Brush Regularly It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice […]

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What Is Gum Disease?

September 20th, 2013

What is gum disease? Gum disease is the most common cause for tooth loss in adults, more so than tooth decay, so it is important to take care of your gums. Most adults have some degree of gum disease. Usually it progresses slowly and can be stopped from getting worse. Some people are genetically predisposed […]

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11 Top Tips To Help Prevent Cavities In Your Children’s Teeth

September 6th, 2013

There’s nothing worse than having to subject your child to a filling or extraction because good oral hygiene habits and diet advice were not followed. Children can be just as slack at cleaning their teeth as many adults but if we instil good behaviour early in their life, those habits will provide them with a […]

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7 Top Tips for Fresh Breath

August 17th, 2013

Summertime is the period in the year when people are often out the most socialising with friends and at  parties, barbeques and weddings.  One of the biggest factors that can ruin a good night out is the quality of your breath.  However, the good news is that as quickly as bad breath (halitosis) can have […]

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