We Cater For Cowards At Brightside Dental

Alina first visited Brightside Dental, having not been to a dentist for over 2 years because of a dental phobia. She was very nervous and anxious about having dental treatment as a result of a bad experience in the past when a tooth was removed and also because she found dental treatment to be painful in the past.

See Alina share her experience here:

Alina knew she would have to bite the bullet and see a dentist as she was having pain in the mouth which was progressively getting worse and and she was aware the problem wouldn’t go away by itself. She also felt that she needed a lot of treatment and that it would only get worse the longer it was left.

After carrying out extensive online research, she came across our practice in August. She booked an appointment to come and see us and have her mouth checked. At the first visit, she was noticeably nervous and shaking because of her fears of undergoing dental treatment and also worrying about what treatment would be needed.

As Alina suspected, she did require extensive dental treatment in order to improve the condition of her oral health and to get her mouth healthy. She chose to have the treatment carried out with intravenous sedation, which involves a small injection in the hand or arm. A sedative is then administered, to get you relaxed enough to have your dental treatment. Many people fall asleep during the treatment.

At the end of the visit, Alina was amazed that the treatment had been carried out with no pain – and she remembered very little of the procedure. She was so happy that she hugged our team members as she left. She has had further treatment since then and seeing her, it’s like a different person as she comes in smiling and laughing and knows she no longer needs to fear visiting the dentist.

At Brightside Dental, we love to see nervous people as we really believe we can help overcome dental fears and it’s what gives us the most satisfaction in what we do. If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, or know someone who is, give us a call on 020 88884401 and we can discuss how we can help.