Brightside Dental Children’s Day

“How about combining children’s dentistry and Halloween? We all know the fear of dentists develops at an early stage in life and the only way to eliminate it is to provide a memorable happy experience that can be associated with having dental treatment. Imagine dressing up in a costume and going “trick or treating” as per usual on a normal Halloween day but visiting the dentist in between. As soon as you arrive at Brightside Dental in Bounds Green you enter a building that looks nothing like the dental practice you’re used to. Balloons and decorations everywhere. The first people you see are wearing costumes just like you, they compliment you on your dress choice and ask you if you want to be in the competition for the best Halloween costume. In the waiting are there are games, colouring pencils and paints and as soon as you step in to see the dentist and the nurse, you see a witch and a pirate greeting you at the door. And at the end of a funny conversation with both the pirate and the witch you get a bag full of goodies! Imagine the story you will be telling your friends the next time you meet them! All of this and much more will be the offer for our little clients on a special spoooooky Children’s Day Halloween Time at Brightside Dental! Call us now on 020 88884401 to arrange an advance booking to avoid disappointment on the day.

We are supporting the Rays of Sunshine charity. They help children aged 3-18 who are living with serious and terminal illnesses by:
It does this by:-
1) Granting these children’s wishes however impossible the wish may seem
1) Granting hospital ward wishes
1)Organising events and outings for large groups of seriously ill children such as trip to Legoland and the Sunshine Concert
We welcome any donations you may wish to make for such a great cause.

See more information about the charity in the video below.