Core Values At Brightside Dental

At Brightside Dental we recently had a team training afternoon to work on our practice values.  The purpose of this was to re-visit why we do what we do and our beliefs as a practice.                                             brightside dental core values_01

As a result we have created a new mission statement, vision statement and our practice core values.  We have set 5 core values which form the principles of how we work.

They give us a framework for how we behave as a team and how we treat our clients and behaviours that we expect from each other.

We will be able to work better as a team and provide the best service we can for our clients, along with constantly looking at ways we can improve upon what we do.

We also hope as a result that it will help people decide if they feel we are the right practice for them to place their trust in taking care of their dental health.

I order for us to work to our core values, we have a core value of the week, whereby we discuss each day ways in which team members have met that core values, or challenges that have been encountered that we can work on together.