Daily promises

We’ve already started our quest into finding and providing the best dental services our clients have ever benefited from. The first step we took was to find out how we are perceived at this moment in time by the people who come to the practice. What do they think after they left the surgery? Are they happy, satisfied? And so at the beginning of 2013 every appointment is assessed by each client coming. By the means of a short and simple feedback slip we ask to grade three important aspects on a scale from 1 to 5:

• The friendliness and helpfulness of the team
• Whether they were seen on time
• Whether the treatment hurt

We are not stopping here though. As we’ve been promising, we continuously aim for perfection so every little detail is taken into account constantly. We start our mornings with a Daily Meeting attended by all team members working that day. The practice manager goes through the highlights of the previous day emphasising on comments and suggestions made throughout the day and issues that might have come up. We analyse together the schedule ahead and point out important aspects such as the next available appointment with our hygienist – Esther – or special events that might take place in the practice. We also go through the bookings for each dentist and talk about our new comers or about a certain client that is a bit nervous and might needs some encouragement. This way we ensure everyone is treated in a personal manner, tailored to each client.
At the end we go through the results of the feedback slips from the previous day and if the numbers are not at their highest level we come up with suggestions on how to make sure we reach 100% satisfaction from everyone.
We appreciate your feedback and we’ll always be open to comments and suggestions, so please visit our Facebook page if you have anything to tell us but clicking this link: