Health And Care Awareness In The Community

Brightside Dental’s practice principal Ketan was a volunteer at the recent Oshwal Health and Care Awareness Fair in Potters Bar. It was a full day event to promote and educate about physical and mental health and well being. There were over 350 volunteers helping out on the day and over 3000 people attended the event.

Ketan speaks from the event:

There were various stands and stalls from medical professionals, alternative practitioners, exercise and diet and lifestyle advisers; along with talks throughout the day on a wide range of relevant topics from experts in their field; plus careers advice for younger members of the community.

On the dental side, there were 18 dentists at the event who provided general dental health advice; along with careers advice and diagnostic screening for mouth cancer and general dental issues. Almost 150 patients were seen throughout the day. Some people hadn’t been to a dentist for many years and others were regular attenders who wanted some advice or a second opinion.

The event was a huge success, which was hugely rewarding for the organisers who had spent many months planning the day.

Speaking to many of the patients highlighted that they were not always clear about the problems that had been raised by their dentist to them or of the treatment options available.

If you are a patient of ours and we haven’t been clear on our recommendations to you and you need clarification, or if you haven’t seen us before and would like a second opinion, give us a call on 020 88884401.