How Our Patients Have Rated Brightside’s Customer Service

As all our regular patients know, we ask for their feedback at the end of each appointment by completing four questions.

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Why do we do this? We want to provide the best level of service we can. We understand not many people enjoy visiting the dentist and for many, it can be a stressful experience so the more we can relieve that, the better. Also, by having feedback it’s the best way we can improve, so as nice as it is to hear how great we are, it’s just as good for us to know what we can do better.

What happens with the forms? At the end of each day, all feedback forms are collected by our receptionists. They will check for any comments and anything relevant will then be discussed in our morning meeting the following day. As well as this, the ratings by patients on all forms are analysed on a weekly and monthly basis, both for the practice and for individual clinicians. We review our performance at our monthly meetings and if there are areas that a specific for a clinician, they will be discussed individually.

We firmly believe in the saying “what get’s measured, gets managed”. We have had this process in place for over 4 years and definitely find it beneficial to our patients and for us.