NHS Inspection At Brightside Dental

As discussed in a blog post a few weeks ago, the number one priority at Brightside Dental is the safety of our patients and team members. We have recently been awarded to service an NHS contract for complex oral surgery (extractions) throughout Haringey. Prior to this, we had to complete a complex application and process to ensure we meet the NHS requirements for the service.

Click to view video:  https://youtu.be/N5ZiFLVMS8w

As part of being awarded the contract, we have had 2 inspections at the practice by the NHS. The most recent in October was specifically regarding Infection Control and Prevention. We were only given 2 days notice and the inspector assessed various aspects of the practice and had a 174 point checklist to complete. On the day the inspector made many positive comments about the practice, our equipment and how we work.

We are very proud to say that on receiving the report, we have scored 98% across all the areas measured, which is well over the required standards and also with the 2% areas of recommendations for improvement, we have already implemented changes within the practice.

There have been various studies and surveys carried out about what are the most important factors to them when choosing a dental practice and cleanliness is among the top choices. This is why we take this area of our practice very seriously and do our best to ensure we meet and exceed required standards as much as possible