Weekly focus

Humans are exceptional beings, they are on the top of the food chain and only strive to achieve more and more. But even the most intelligent of us has limitations and the struggle to do more and better has been the subject of many analyses throughout the years which led to a standalone notion we now use on a daily basis – management.

At the foundation of management will always be a focus, a central piece that connects all the dots, that is the pillar of any project big or small.

At Brightside Dental we realised that this is how it all starts. A focus on one aspect of our jobs each week will become a habit in no time.

We’ve brainstormed on what our focuses could be each week and have found different areas that needed our attention.

The first time we implemented the idea was on gathering as many testimonials from our clients as possible.

And it worked. Our lovely customers were nice enough to share their experience here with the entire world by posting reviews on their social media pages, on the NHS website, agreeing to have their testimonial video recorded or leaving kind words written in our testimonial portfolio or our comments book.

We haven’t stopped asking for their feedback and reviews and we still do it every day.

We next moved towards cutting back costs. It is essential in the current economical conditions to be using only the resources needed and ensure a minimum level of waste. Ideas from the entire team were gathered and are now implemented.

This week’s focus is on an incentive for our clients’ friends and family to come and join us. Each of our clinicians should aim to reward our best customers with a referral card which will entitle their friend/relative to receive a special oral health assessment on us!

It’s been a great few weeks so far and our different focuses are bringing result and are motivating the entire team. So we thought we should share this with everyone as well.

If you have a suggestion on how we can use our weekly focus on improving our services don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in new and innovative ideas.

Our Facebook page is the place to share experiences with us and our fantastic clients so click on the link below and you can be a part of the Brightside too!