Smile of the Month – from Iceland for Invisalign

This month’s Smile of the Month has a distinctly international flavour, since the patient in question travelled from Iceland to get it done!

Sarah’s been a great patient of ours for several years, but she had concerns around her worn front teeth.

Her job requires her to be in front of a camera, and she wanted to ensure that she could feel happy and confident in her smile, so she got in touch and booked a consultation.

During the consultation, we discovered three root causes to the worn teeth: 

1.    Erosion – wear due to acidic things in her diet

2.    Attrition – night-time grinding of teeth

3.    Functional – the way the teeth fit together

After analysing and discussing the best way forward, Sarah opted for Invisalign to improve her teeth positioning, and we got busy, planning in detail exactly where we wanted the teeth to be.

Following Invisalign treatment, we then carried out composite bonding to rebuild the worn upper front teeth, improving the cosmetic appearance and also protecting the teeth against any further wear.

And in order to prevent the teeth from moving back and protect against night-time grinding, Sarah now has a retainer to wear.

Despite Sarah living in Iceland, she found treatment at Brightside pretty convenient – we planned and scheduled appointments around her trips to London, monitoring the progress remotely with AI assistance.

Another happy patient, and another Invisalign success story – click below to hear what Sarah had to say about her Brightside Invisalign experience.