Smile of the Month – Wedding bells!

We all love a wedding, and April’s Smile of the Month story is the first to include one.

But before we get to the wedding bells, let’s start from the top. 

Our lovely patient Emily came to see Dr Ronit Patel – she was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth.

Sadly, as a result of an accident when she was younger, her front two teeth needed root canals and crowns, which were visible in her smile.

six month smiles


This caused her lots of anxiety, to the point where she was having nightmares about it.

In addition, she was due to get married, and really wanted to feel confident and happy having her pictures taken on the big day.

Dr Ronit and Emily talked things through, and after a comprehensive digital screening, radiographs and clinical photographs, they came up with a plan to get her smile where she wanted it.

Stage one – stabilisation.  We performed several white filling restorations and periodontal treatment with our hygienist to improve her gum health.

One Emily’s mouth was healthier, we could start Invisalign teeth straightening treatment, with the time frame estimated to be between 12-18 months.

After 10 months, there’d been a huge improvement, and with the wedding on the horizon, treatment was paused, and Emily’s front teeth were temporarily improved, with the removal of her crowns and high quality composite bonding.

As a result, she had the smile she’d always wanted on her wedding day.

Once back from honeymoon, we carried on with the treatment for a few more months, until we’d achieved the ideal result.

Once the teeth were exactly where they needed to be, we focused on aesthetics – two porcelain crowns and composite bonding, together with orthodontic retainers to prevent the hard work being undone.



Now that everything’s complete, Emily’s delighted – she’s got a stable long-term solution, bags more confidence and a lovely husband too! Click below to hear what Emily thought of her Brightside experience: 

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