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Brightside Smile Of The Month December 2020

Jayden initially visited Brightside Dental because he was unhappy with his crooked lower front teeth and also with the colour of his teeth.

We discussed various treatment options with Jayden. The planning and treatment was more complicated because he had braces when younger but only for his upper teeth. This meant the upper teeth were still quite straight but we had very limited space to move the lower teeth.

It was agreed to remove one lower incisor in order to help create space and Jayden undertook Invisalign teeth straightening with Dr Ketan Shah.

Once were teeth were straightened, we carried out a course of teeth whitening and composite bonding treatment to restore the chipped lower front teeth.

Treatment time was 17 months, which was significantly longer than planned due to Covid-19, however Jayden was very patient and now has the smile he always wanted.

A big benefit with Invisalign treatment during these uncertain times is we can monitor the treatment remotely which means less appointments needed in the practice and also treatment can often continue even during lockdown.

If you would like to find out more how we could help improve your smile, please contact us on 020 88884401.

iTero Digital Dental Scanner

As well as recent refurbishment at Brightside Dental, we have invested in the latest dental technology with the latest iTero digital scanner. This makes our practice fully digital and complements our dental software and digital x-rays.

See Brightside’s principal dentist Ketan demonstrating the scanner and also patients sharing their experience of the iTero.

For our patients, this means many benefits, including: not having to have messy and uncomfortable impressions/moulds of your teeth; being able to see an instant simulation of how your smile could look; faster processing of laboratory based dentistry; increased accuracy; digital dental records; having the possibility to detect decay without x rays; being able to accurately monitor changes with your teeth and gums, plus many more.

To find our more, give us a call on 020 88884401.

Why Are Braces For Adults Becoming More Popular?

There was a recent BBC news story that reported that increasing numbers of adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth and improve their smile.

See the story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49183879

Ketan Shah Brightside Dental’s principal dentist discusses this subject further here : https://youtu.be/tSKAWgKKvSU

At Brightside Dental, we can confirm we are definitely seeing more interest in orthodontic treatment amongst our adult patients. In the past, it was generally the case that braces were only for children.

There are a number of reasons why we are seeing these changes, which include:   

-Braces are much more socially acceptable for adults than in the past and tend not to have an impact on most people’s work

-Many people have friends or family members having orthodontic treatment, which encourages them to do the same

-Also, many celebrities have braces, which makes it much more appealing to others

-Treatments options have significantly advanced over the years and there are many options for braces which can be very discreet and unobtrusive

-With cosmetic straightening of the teeth, treatment can often be completed in a matter of a few months

-Many adults had braces as a child but their teeth have moved over time

-NHS options for braces are becoming more limited so less children may be having orthodontic treatment, which may mean more have treatment as an adult

-Some people have always hated their smile, but may not be in a financial position to do anything about it at a younger age

-Age has become less of a barrier and we have many patients in their 50’s and 60’s who want to improve their smile

At Brightside Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetically focussed teeth straightening options to improve your smile.

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