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Platelet Rich Fibrin(PRF) – A Game Changer In Dentistry?

At Brightside Dental, we aim to constantly improve and look to invest in new equipment that will enhance the care of our patients; be able to offer new treatments and enable us to work more effectively and more efficiently. Lat year, we invested in a new method of treatment called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), by buying a machine specifically for this purpose. It’s something we have been using on an increasing basis and are findings we are achieving excellent results with it.

Brightside’s principal dentist Ketan explains more: https://youtu.be/yTKd0njXRok

How does it work?

PRF is a one-step method to obtain the platelet concentrates, or blood derivatives, that are needed to aid in the regeneration of soft tissue and bone, thereby creating a stable environment to perform dental procedures. We take a small amount of your blood and the machine centrifuges (spins) the blood into 3 different layers – red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.It’s the platelets and growth factors that are most useful with healing.
It means surgical treatment can have better and quicker healing with less post-operative complications.


What do we use it for?

We currently use PRF following extractions in order to help healing and reduce the risk of infection and also to help preserve as much bone as possible and can possibly help generate new bone.

We also use it in some dental implant treatments.

There is growing evidence that it can be use to treat some aspects of gum disease and after other types of surgery.

There was a recent study carried out, whereby although this a newer form of treatment, the study looks at outcomes of dental treatments over the past 15 years. Read it here; https://www.joionline.org/doi/full/10.1563/aaid-joi-D-17-00179


Some Advantages of using PRF:

● It’s a relatively simple treatment that could be performed by all dentists

  • It’s usually carried out in 1 treatment

● It is obtained by autologous (your own) blood

●  Because it’s completely natural process, there isn’t the risk of suffering from an immunological reaction to it

● Increases the healing rate of grafted bone in dental implant treatment

● It is an economical and quick option compared with synthetic materials

● Used as a membrane, it avoids a donor site surgical procedure and results in a reduction in patient discomfort during the early wound-healing period

To find out more about this treatment, there are plenty of articles online, or let us know and we can provide you with further advice.