Brightside Dental Smile Of The Month July 2019

Emma first came to Brightside Dental as she was unhappy with her smile. She had braces as a teenager but her teeth had moved out of line and it was impacting her confidence.

See Emma share her story:

As with many adults we see at the practice for teeth straightening, Emma’s teeth had moved following orthodontic treatment as a child. She opted for fixed cosmetic braces which as very discreet and much more comfortable than metal “train-track” braces. Treatment was completed within 9 months.   

At the end of treatment, Emma said the process was easier and faster than she had expected and she now has the confidence to smile for photos without covering her mouth.

Something that is very important following orthodontic treatment is to have retainers which can be fixed and/or removable. The purpose of these is to prevent unwanted movements of the teeth once they are straight. We recommend these should be worn for life, as otherwise you run the risk of the teeth moving again and over 60% of adults we see for teeth straightening have had some form of orthodontic treatment in the past.

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