Brightside Dental Smile Of The Month June 2019

Miriam has been coming to Brightside for many years for her dental care. In 2009, we replaced some failing crowns and fillings with 4 new crowns.

Before treatment in 2009



After crowns in 2009








Around 2015, one of the crowned teeth had some issues due to gum problems which meant it moved out of position and needed to be extracted. Miriam had a denture for a few years, which she never got on well with.

She had considered dental implant treatment, but was scared of the treatment being painful. After many discussions, she finally made the decision to go ahead with the dental implant.

Miriam shares her story here:

The treatment went very smoothly and Miriam was overjoyed with the outcome of treatment, with her main regret (one we regularly experience) is that she wished she had gone ahead sooner with the treatment.

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