Brightside Dental Smile of the Month June 2022

Colin visited Brightside Dental as he was unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth: the colour, the shape and the gaps.

Following a discussion on the available treatment options with Dr Ronit Patel, Colin chose to have a fixed bridge to improve the look of his upper front teeth.

The treatment was completed in just three weeks and over two appointments. The first was the preparation of the bridge, followed by a scan of the teeth using AI technology and the placement of a
high-quality temporary bridge. The second visit involved the final fit of the permanent bridge.

There are different types of bridges we can provide. Bridges that are a combination of metal and porcelain, or bridges that are completely porcelain (these are of higher quality and better in appearance).

Colin’s treatment consisted of:
• A comprehensive dental assessment including radiographs and digital photographs
• A discussion of all options for improving aesthetics and closing spaces
• The preparation of the bridge, plus a high tech AI scan to send to our dental laboratory
• The placement of a high-quality temporary bridge
• The fitting of the final bridge and maintenance

Here’s what Colin had to say after his new bridge was fitted:

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