Do You Know Someone Who Has Had A Knock To Their Mouth And Damaged Teeth As A Result?

Most people know someone who has damaged their front teeth as a result of an injury or accident, such as a fall, a knock to the face or a sporting injury.

In many instances, the damage can be prevented. Dentists advise that you do not use your teeth for activities they are not designed for, such as opening of bottles.

Whilst playing sports that involve moving objects and physical activity, it is advisable to wear a mouthguard.  This is equally important for children and adults.  Injury from common sports such as football, cricket and rugby can lead to damage to the teeth, which once occurs is a permanent situation.  With the advances in modern dentistry, there are various ways to repair damaged teeth, however these are never as good as having your own natural teeth.

Damage from sporting injury can lead to pain and swelling in the mouth, permanent damage to the teeth, high costs of dental treatment, a period of not being able to play sports and social embarrassment.

A mouthguard is a device that is custom made from an accurate mould of the mouth to fit and protect the teeth in the best way.  It is important to have it professionally made, rather than buying one off the shelf which will not fit the mouth well and offer less protection.

At Brightside Dental, we are able to provide mouthguards in a short space of time and we have many choices of designs available for those who do not want just a plain looking guard.

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