Snoring and sleep apnoea

Many people complain about tiredness and sleepiness during the day although they had an early night or have been sleeping the recommended amount of hours. Sleep apnoea and snoring might be the problem that keeps them from getting a proper rest. At Brightside Dental we have the option to treat this condition and offer you a better night’s rest. The process is quick and easy, all you need to do is schedule a consultation to discuss the problem, assess your suitability for treatment and the solutions we provide.  Ketan Shah will go through treating your apnoea or snoring step by step explaining thoroughly what we aim to do in order to achieve the right results. At the second appointment our certified dentist will take impressions (moulds) of your teeth in order to have the anti-snoring appliance custom made to fit your mouth. At the end of the process you get to take the Sleepwell appliance home with you and enjoy a good night’s sleep again.

It may be that your partner suffers from one of these problems.  Often it can be the case that they are not aware of the problem and you are the one whose sleep is being disturbed.  In extreme situations, some people end up sleeping in different rooms because of the extent of the problem.

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