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Brightside Smile Of The Month January 2021

Yolanda visited Brightside Dental Because she was unhappy with her smile, in particular the gap between her upper 2 front teeth. This had bothered her for a number of years and meant she avoided smiling.

Invisalign teeth straightening was carried out with removable clear aligners by Dr Ketan Shah to straighten the teeth and close the gap between the front teeth, followed by a course of teeth whitening to brighten Yolanda’s smile.

Yolanda Shares Her Story

The treatment took 9 months in total, including a delay during the first lockdown due to Covid. Yolanda can now smile with confidence.

If you would like to know about how we could help improve your smile contact us on 020 88884401.

Happy Holidays From Brightside Dental

We’re approaching the end of 2020 and what an unpredicatable year it has been!

Surviving two lockdowns through a global pandemic has not been easy on anyone or their business. At Brightside, we have had many challenges during this period, but are grateful that after having to close the practice during the first lockdown, we have been able to serve our patients since June.

Brightside’s Principal Dentist Ketan With A Festive Message

We a ready to celebrate a very low-key Christmas, have a break to recharge and be ready to start the new year on a positive note. It has been a heartbreaking, tragic year filled with loss, chaos and immeasurable stress but throughout it all, our team have persisted and we plan to make 2021 a much better year. 

We would like to thank all our patients for their ongoing support towards the practice. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Brightside’s Christmas Opening Hours

Brightside Smile Of The Month December 2020

Jayden initially visited Brightside Dental because he was unhappy with his crooked lower front teeth and also with the colour of his teeth.

We discussed various treatment options with Jayden. The planning and treatment was more complicated because he had braces when younger but only for his upper teeth. This meant the upper teeth were still quite straight but we had very limited space to move the lower teeth.

It was agreed to remove one lower incisor in order to help create space and Jayden undertook Invisalign teeth straightening with Dr Ketan Shah.

Once were teeth were straightened, we carried out a course of teeth whitening and composite bonding treatment to restore the chipped lower front teeth.

Treatment time was 17 months, which was significantly longer than planned due to Covid-19, however Jayden was very patient and now has the smile he always wanted.

A big benefit with Invisalign treatment during these uncertain times is we can monitor the treatment remotely which means less appointments needed in the practice and also treatment can often continue even during lockdown.

If you would like to find out more how we could help improve your smile, please contact us on 020 88884401.

Can Covid-19 Cause Tooth Loss?

There are recent reports that coronavirus may cause inflammation of the gums and possibly lead to sudden tooth loss.

This comes as many patients continue to report symptoms of ‘long COVID’, a term used to refer to those suffering from prolonged effects.

Common symptoms of long covid include fatigue, breathlessness and muscle aches and pains.

According to a report by the New York Times, patients who already have dental difficulties and test positive for Covid-19 may see them get worse due to the virus.

Brightside Dental’s Principal Dentist Ketan discusses the issue here

It is very important to maintain good oral health at the best of times, however this highlights the increased need with the current pandemic.

We advise on diligent daily cleaning habits, along with regular dental checks and hygienist visits.

At Brightside Dental, we have found significant numbers of patients who are having increased gum issues, partly due to lockdown measures and restrictions imposed on us with the care we could provide and also because some patients have been unable to visit the practice.

We are able to provide a full range of dental hygiene services to help improve and maintain your oral health.

If you need any advice or would like to make an appointment with us, please give us a call or email us.

Veganism And Dental Health

There are increasing numbers of people becoming vegetarian or vegan for varying reasons. Historically it was generally based around religious beliefs but for many now it’s a lifestyle choice to be more healthy and to help protect the environment.

People generally know what’s bad for their teeth – things like sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. There are foods that help protect the teeth which are full of vitamins such as calcium and phosphorous, however these foods generally contain meat and dairy.

So what does this mean for a vegan diet? Vegan diets mean removing dairy and can reduce protein, which contain key vitamins for healthy bones and teeth.

When substituting food groups, it can mean an increased intake of sugars, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables which can be damaging to the teeth leading to dental decay, erosion and gum disease.

If you are vegan, or considering the switch please bear in mind the importance of a balanced diet and also that you may need some supplements to ensure your vitamin and nutrients are at good levels.

This isn’t a reason to give up! It is still possible to follow the vegan diet while also taking care of your teeth and overall health. Staying in good health while on a plant-based diet is all about eating a well-balanced diet with all of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, avoiding acidic and sugary foods (even if they are vegan-friendly), and keeping up with brushing and flossing routine. Lastly, and most importantly, visit your dentists for regular check ups.

When you choose to adopt any kind of diet, it’s important to consult your dentist, doctor, and nutritionist who can help you make the right decisions for your body.

Brightside’s Practice Manager Elena has chosen to become vegan for a month is support of Cancer Research UK. If you would like to support this great cause follow the link :

If you would like any advice or help on diet and its impact on your dental health, do let us know.

Mouth Cancer Action Month 2020

November marks the 21st annual mouth cancer action month set up by the Oral Health Foundation. Over the past year over 8000 people in the UK were diagnosed with mouth cancer and worryingly, these numbers are increasing.

Here are things you can be aware of to help yourself and your family:

  • Knowing how to spot mouth cancer early and regularly checking for unusual changes in the mouth.
  • Understanding what is likely to cause mouth cancer and reducing your risk.
  • Acting quickly when you see something out of the ordinary by visiting your dentist.

Mouth Cancer Risk Factors

We don’t know what causes most mouth cancers. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase your risk.

Up to 90% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors.

This means that with a few small changes, you can help cut your chances of developing mouth cancer.

If you do not stop or reduce the things that might put you at greater risk, it is important that you do self-checks at home and regularly visit your dentist.

If any or most of these apply to you, it does not mean that you are certain to develop mouth cancer.

The below causes are linked to mouth cancer.

For more information you can visit : or or if you would like any help or advice, please contact us at Brightside Dental.

Brightside Smile Of The Month – November 2020

Anastasia has been coming to Brightside for a number of years, but time had passed and life got busy, as for many of us, so there was more of gap between her dental visits.

Her main concerns were her stained teeth which were affecting her smile and some teeth needing fillings replaced.

Anastasia discusses her experience of treatment at Brightside here:

We replaced a number of old metallic mercury containing fillings with tooth coloured composite restorations and treatment was carried out to improve gum health along with stain removal with air flow treatment by one of our dental hygienists, Mihaela.

The treatment is very straightforward and pain free. We use specific equipment purely for stain removal and you can see the huge change in just one visit from the treatment.

If you would like to know more about options for stain removal or smile enhancement, please contact us on 020 88884401.

Brightside Dental Is Open As Normal During The New Lockdown

We have had many calls and emails from patients who have appointments or want to book in to see whether we are open during the new lockdown from 5th November.

Brightside Dental’s Principal Dentist Ketan gives further advice

We are pleased to advise that yes we are open as normal and if you have an appointment arranged, please keep it unless advised otherwise from us. Our regulators have indicated that we should continue working as normal and we fully support this decision and feel it is the right one.

At Brightside Dental, the safety of our patients and team members is of the highest importance to us. We have all the required PPE, safety equipment, cleaning measures and protocols in place to provide your dental care safely for you.

If you are unable to come for an appointment or need to stay at home and need assistance, we are able to provide advice on the phone or by video call.

If you need any help or advice, please email [email protected] or call 020 88884401.

Thank you for your continued support to the practice during these trying times and we hope you and your family stay well and safe.

Bruxism – Are You Wearing Away Your Teeth While You Sleep?

October 26th-30th is Bruxism Awareness Week? – you’ve probably never heard of it. Bruxism is wearing of the teeth as a result of clenching and grinding and is believed to affect up to 80% of the population at some time in their life.

It is well known that stress and anxiety is one of the key causes of bruxism and in a year that has had a massive impact on people’s health and well being, at Brightside Dental we are seeing more and more people with damage to their teeth due to bruxism.

Brightside’s Principal Dentist Ketan discusses bruxism and gives advice on what can be done to help with it:

If you would like further advice on treatment options, please call us on 020 88884401.

Brightside Smile of The Month October 2020

Lauren initially came to Brightside for a consultation with Dr Ketan Shah to find out how she could improve her smile. She had been recommended by a friend who was currently having orthodontic treatment with us. As with many people we carry out orthodontic treatment for. Lauren had braces when younger and her teeth had moved, which made her unhappy with her smile.

Lauren wanted to have lingual braces – the same as her friend. These fit on the inside of the teeth and ae very discreet. No-one knew she was wearing braces unless she had told them. The teeth straightening treatment took 15 months in total.

Lauren was very pleased with the process and outcome of treatment and shares her experience here:

If you would like to find out more about options to improve your smile or if a friend or family member is interested, email us or call on 020 88884401 and we can arrange a free, no obligation virtual consultation to advise on options.