Smile of the month – March 2024

Many of our patients come across us online, while searching for a dental solution, and that’s exactly the case with Emma, March’s Smile of the Month.

Emma had attended another dental practice for some time, but unfortunately, she felt her concerns about her teeth had not been listened to.

While she’d been attending a dentist and getting regular checkups to try and keep her general oral health in a good place, she was unhappy with the shape, colour and positions of her teeth, and before turning to Brightside, she wasn’t getting the help, support and advice she needed.

After an initial consultation, we discovered that the cosmetic issues she was experiencing, were in large part caused by tooth wear.

This isn’t unusual – when teeth are not aligned correctly, this can lead to damage and premature ageing of the teeth, which can then cause cosmetic problems.

We discussed all the potential treatment options, and Emma decided to go with:

– Invisalign teeth straightening to improve the positions and alignment of her teeth

– Teeth whitening to brighten her smile

– Composite bonding of the front teeth to rebuild the chipped edges and the inside of the teeth that had become thin

We completed all of the above in just 9 months, and Emma now has the smile she always wanted.

Just as importantly, she also has the confidence that her teeth are protected for the long-term against further wear, and the implications for both her oral health and cosmetic concerns.

Emma was kind enough to answer some questions about what it’s like to be treated at Brightside – click here to watch that now. 

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