In need of 25!

In 2024, the first place someone goes to look for a dentist?


Over the last few years, we’ve done a pretty good job at ensuring we’ve got a web presence, and our website is now chock full of content that can help prospective patients make a decision about our practice.

And we can’t take all the credit – Google reviews left by our patients are just as important as what we say about ourselves (if not more), and I’m delighted to say that as I write this, we have 563 reviews.

However, we’ve got a competitive streak here at Brightside, and we spotted the other day that another practice in our area has 587, and we’d really love to overtake them.

It isn’t just for the sake of it either – the more reviews we have:

·      The better informed our prospective patients are

·      The more informed we are to ensure that our service meets our patients’ standards and needs

·      The more satisfied and invigorated our team is – it really buoys them to get great reviews

With that in mind, I’m wondering if you’d be happy to leave a Google review for us, if you haven’t already?

If so, it’s super simple to leave a 5* review in just a minute or two:

1.        Search for Our Practice on Google: Type the name of our practice into the Google search bar.  (Or just click HERE)

2.        Click on “Write a Review”: In the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see our practice’s information. Click on “Write a Review.”

3.        Share Your Experience: Click 5 stars and write about your experiences with our services, the care you received, and any other details that might help prospective patients.

In terms of what to include, mentioning specific treatments, why you chose Brightside, any concerns you had before coming along, how the team treated you and what your overall experience was like are all really useful.

Click the button below to leave a review now: