V.I.M (Very Important Month)

We’re currently in the midst of an initiative that’s very important to us – National Smile Month. 

And if you’ve not heard of National Smile Month, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
Set up by the Oral Health Foundation, National Smile Month happens once every year, with a very clear goal: to help improve people’s oral health. 

This year, the theme is all around helping people “Love your smile” – the idea of caring for your mouth and teeth.
And there are four things I want to share from the campaign:

Brush your teeth!
Chances are you’ve heard this one before, but I make no apology for emphasising it again: brushing your teeth is the cornerstone to good oral health.
Without it, your oral health WILL suffer – brushing your teeth helps to remove plaque from your teeth, and if it isn’t removed, it continues to build up, eventually causing tooth decay and gum disease.
Use interdentals and/or floss
Using interdentals and floss is a great way to get the bits of food and debris your brush can’t reach, and can make a huge difference in terms of the overall health of your mouth.  Make sure you use mouthwash too!

Cut down on sugar

Sugar is no friend of your smile, and being conscious of how much sugar you’re eating and reducing it will make a difference.

Visit your dentist regularly

Do your bit, with the first three steps, and we’ll do ours, by caring for your mouth in the same way we’d care for a family member’s.

Follow these steps, and you give yourself the best possible chance of improving and maintaining your oral health – if you need any help with any of them, just let us know.