The fruits of my research

Modern dentistry has brought plenty of great developments – orthodontic retainers, nightguards, whitening trays, the list goes on.

In my family, each of us has at least one dental appliance, which requires regular cleaning, and up until recently, we’ve used a sonic cleaner, with a tablet dissolved in water – the same method I recommend to my patients.

But over the last few months, I’ve noticed this method isn’t actually that effective – stains and deposits still build up over time.

So I’ve been in research mode, looking for alternative solutions.

Over a couple of weeks I tested out three popular ultrasonic cleaner brands, with great results – my wife’s retainers had been ready for the bin, but now they look brand new again, with all deposits removed.

The clear winner in my research?  The Zima Dental Pod – it cleans things up really well, it’s easy to use, it’s pretty compact and it looks quite nice too.

I’ve got no ulterior motive here (we don’t get paid by Zima to recommend them), but I was genuinely impressed – here are some of the benefits the company themselves share about the product:

1.    Ultrasonic Cleaning Power

The Zima Dental Pod uses ultrasonic technology (like what’s used when you have a dental hygienist visit) to clean your dental appliances. This means it creates tiny bubbles in the water that pop and remove plaque and other debris from your retainers or dentures. It’s a bit like a mini car wash for your mouth gear, aiming to get them cleaner than brushing alone.

2.    Easy to Use

One of the big pluses is how easy it is to use. You just fill the pod with water, drop in a cleaning tablet, and put your dental appliance inside. Press a button, and the cleaning starts. The pod is small and portable, so it’s convenient for home use or when you’re traveling.

3.    Saves Time

Cleaning your dental devices can be a hassle, but the Zima Dental Pod aims to make it quicker. In just 5-10 minutes, your appliances should be clean, which can save you time compared to scrubbing them by hand.

4. Helps with Oral Hygiene

Keeping your dental appliances clean is important for your overall mouth health. If they’re dirty, they can cause bad breath and gum problems. The Zima Dental Pod aims to remove bacteria and plaque, which can help keep your mouth healthier.

4.    Long-Term Savings

 While buying a Zima Dental Pod can be a bit pricey upfront, it might save you money in the long run. Cleaner dental appliances last longer, so you might not need to replace them as often. Also, better oral hygiene could mean fewer trips to the dentist.

5.    Eco-Friendly Option

The Zima Dental Pod is designed to be eco-friendly. It uses water and a gentle cleaning tablet, which is less wasteful than disposable cleaning wipes and less harsh than strong chemicals.

6.    Versatile Cleaning

This device isn’t just for one type of dental appliance. It can clean aligners, retainers, night guards, and dentures. If you or your family members have different dental devices, the Zima Dental Pod can handle them all.

You can see more information here: Dental Pod® | Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine – ZIMA Dental UK

If you are interested in the Zima Dental Pod, we do stock it here at the practice, and you’ll get it cheaper than buying directly from Zima online, so just pop in and see us, or drop me an email back and we’ll set one aside for you.

Oh, and if you’ve bought a sonic cleaner from us in the past and you want to switch, you can just bring it in and we’ll deduct what you paid for it, and put it towards the cost of your new Dental Pod.