Refurbishment at Brightside Dental

We have recently had one of our treatment rooms refurbished at Brightside Dental in North London.  The room was looking dated with relatively old equipment which was starting to break down on a regular basis.  This meant we were getting to the stage where we couldn’t provide the high level of care we expect for our clients.

Another factor was the existing layout of the room.  It was not ergonomically friendly for our clients’ or team members comfort.  We looked at various design options for the room and also equipment.  We subsequently decided to make a complete change with both the location of the cabinetry and the dental chair would be facing the other way – towards the window rather than a wall.  Also the dental chair and equipment chosen is of a high specification and gives optimum comfort as well as saving space and enabling us to provide quality dentistry for our clients.

The refurbishment was carried out over a period of 10 days by a company who specialise in dental projects.  This enabled the work to be completed on schedule and with minimum disruption to our clients during this period – other than the loud drilling which is not the best noise to be subject to when visiting the dentist.

As a result the room now feels more spacious, looks hugely better and we’ve had great feedback from our clients when they compare to the old room as well as our team members who have a better environment to provide high quality dental treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.

The refurbishment was the second part of an ongoing project started 2 years ago to help us provide the best environment for our clients.chair after